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Will leaving make up on make me spotty?

Make Up Myths And Legends

Daniel Sandler (Professional Make up artist) gives expert video advice on: Can I use concealer to cover bags?; Will chocolate give me spots?; Can mature women wear make up with sheen? and more...

Will leaving make up on make me spotty?

As a makeup myth, this is actually true. If you do it regularly, not taking off your make up will, infact, lead to severe break outs. What you‘re doing by leaving your makeup on is leaving grubby make up on the surface of the skin. The truth behind the myth is that the skin wants to be able to breathe. You'll be prone to infections and bacteria will start growing, and your skin can become a horrible state, just like the myth says. So really, take your make up off every single night, but leaving your makeup on once in a while shouldn't really hurt.

Will wearing eye liner on both eyelids make my eyes look small?

Here is another key beauty legend. You do have to be careful with how you apply eye liner. If you do naturally have small eyes and you wear eye liner very thickly applied, then yes wearing eyeliner will make your eyes look small, just as the legend says. But if you apply a very fine line to the base of the lashes, and you follow the lash line above and below, that won't make your eye look small, that will in fact make your eye look bigger. There are certain colours that will make your eyes look bigger as well. Black can be too hard so opt for a very dark chocolate brown or a dark grey to stop your eyes looking small. But if you are black skinned, then of course you can wear black pencil, no problem.

Can I use concealer to cover bags?

This makeup myth does have some truth to it. The undereye bag concealer that you should go for to cover your bags should move with the skin. It should be creamy, it should be light and covering. In covering your bags it should almost feel like a foundation, but slightly heavier. Considering this myth, what you dont want to use under your eyes to cover bags and dark circles, is the same formulation that you would use on a blemish because ones for blemishes are generally drier and once you pop them on, they stay put all day. If you put that kind of formula under here, eyes will look dry and skin will look tired. It will go cracky and horrible and drab-looking very, very quickly and will not cover your bags at all.

Do double ended mascaras really work?

In my opinion double ended mascaras do work, as the makeup myths suggest. I personally don't use them because of the way I apply mascara. It is such that I can create fabulous lashes really quickly. But I do know that some women that don't have the best lashes in the world love using double ended mascaras, first applying the white coat and then applying the black coat because they really get the wonderful false lash effect, just as the myths suggest.

Is tweezing above my eyebrows a bad idea?

Unlike the myth that plucking above your eyebrows is a bad idea, the truth is pluck wherever you need to, it's as simple as that. Whatever it takes to give you eyebrows like Kylie, Liz Hurley, Marilyn Monroe, or whoever's eyebrows you want to copy, do it. Whatever it takes, do it, don't listen to the myth. You'll be so thankful. There's nothing better than fabulous eyebrows to make a face look incredible.

Will chocolate give me spots?

Even though this is quite a common myth, I don't think chocolate will give you spots. Infact, not that I'm a scientist, but it hasn't actually been proven. What I do think is that if you eat too much of anything, whether its chocolate or cake or fruit, it will eventually lead to spots because you just overdosed on it. So, I don't think it's necessarily chocolate that gives you spots like the myth says; but if you eat a lot of it, it certainly will.

Can mature women wear make up with sheen?

Mature women can wear makeup with a sheen, so in that respect the myth is again false, but the thing is you don't want sheen all over. Mature women want to zone the sheen into certain areas. The great thing about sheen these days is that they're not to be confused with harsh glitters or heavy shimmers. Sheen makeup these days just means that skin looks young, vital and moist, so of course mature women can wear that. What mature women do want to steer clear of, as I think the myth means, are shimmers and glitters on certain areas of the face, especially around the eyes where there are laughter lines. You'll want to steer clear of that because it will definitely enhance those.

Can I wear make up with sheen or glitter in the day time?

Depending on your job, you can go against the myth and wear makeup with sheen and glitter in the day time. Certainly the make up that you wear on your face in the day time should really reflect the kind of life style that you lead. Anything that's glittery or shimmery in the day time may look a little theatrical, so depending on the color and the texture go easy. But if you can get away with wearing makeup with a sheen and glitter in the day time, and your job lets you be a little bit more adventurous, why not?

Will shading on the sides of my nose make it look smaller?

Shading on the side of your nose will definitely make it look smaller. This myth is not a myth at all. There's nothing cleverer than a little bit of contour either side to straighten the nose. If you apply a little bit at the inner corner through here, eyes will have more structure.So it is absolutely not a myth that shading the side of your nose will make it look smaller. What you don't want to do is look like you've got two really obvious brown lines. So the color you choose has to be just a couple of shades darker than your skin tone. And when you apply it, make sure you blend the edges so it doesnt look like you got two train lines down the side.

Will a light coloured eye shadow on the inner corners of my eyes make them look bigger?

Again this myth is definitely true. There's nothing more beautiful than an eye brightner, like a little beam of light just on the inner corner. Imagine little children whose eyes are always beautifully bright, and they naturally have a wonderful lighter area just here and here. You can re-create that with make up such as shimmer or glitter, but avoid applying it too low because that can actually enhance any puffiness that you might have that day. So overall, the myth does hold true - a light coloured eye shadow on the inner corners of eyes do make them look bigger.

Will drawing on a new lip line make my lips look bigger?

This is a tricky myth. Drawing on a new lip line can make your lips look bigger, but it can also look like you have a horrible, obvious lip line. What I suggest you do is use a color that's similar to your lip color, but dont go too far over the edge. Really just slightly go over the edge and what I always suggest is apply your lip shade, your lipstick or gloss first and then use the liner on top because youll get a much softer, fuller finish. That kind of lip line will definately make your lips look bigger.

Should I heat up my eyelash curlers to make them work better?

This myth is most definitely not true. You can really do yourself some damage. That metal can get so hot if you blast it with a hair dryer for about five or six seconds, so if you put that near the sensitive skin around your eye, you are going to get burnt. So don't heat up your eyelash curlers - it is an absolute myth.

Do I really have to throw away my make up after three months?

Throwing your makeup away after three months as a myth really depends on the product, but I don't think so. Most makeup products these days actually have a symbol on the packet that says once opened it will last for three months or six months. Those really are guidelines. The fashion police, or the beauty police aren't going to chuck you in prison for keeping that moisturizer, or that cream blush longer than you should. But just take into consideration that that makeup product actually has preservatives in it and they have an optimum lifespan. If you go past what that optimum lifespan is, you're taking your own hygiene into your own hands.

Will foundation protect me from the sun?

In contradiction to most myths, most foundations don't in fact have a sun protection factor in them, unless they specifically say so. But as a make-up artist and now with my own brand, I know to look out for titanium dioxide as an ingredient in foundation because that is a mineral for sun protection factor. So even though your foundation may not specifically say that it has an sun protection factor in it, if it has titanium dioxide the foundation has got a little bit of a sun protection factor and that will be around a four or a six, which to be honest, still isn't enough. So bare that in mind when you hear myths like that.

Does spraying water on your face freshen up make up?

Spraying water on your face does not necessarily freshen up makeup, this is somewhat of a myth. In fact, in my experience, I find that spraying water on someones face actually takes out a lot of the natural oils that are either in the makeup product or on the skin's surface, so the skin actually ends up feeling drier.