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How does using mass transit systems help the environment?

Mass Transit And The Environment

Terry Tamminen (Author & Environmental Policy Advisor) gives expert video advice on: How does using mass transit systems help the environment? and more...

How does using mass transit systems help the environment?

Using mass transit helps the environment because it takes more cars off the road, if more of us combine our trips with others in the form of mass transit like buses or trains, and that reduces pollution because we're obviously not burning fuels in our individual cars or sitting in traffic, creating more traffic, which obviously creates more air pollution as well.

What are "Maglev" trains?

Maglev trains basically use the principle of magnetic attraction and repulsion. When we were children we all studied in science how there's a north and a south pole in a magnet, and if you put two norths together or two souths together, they actually repel one another. That principle is used to make magnetic levitation, or 'Maglev', trains operate. The Maglev train operates on a rail, but it actually hovers slightly above the rail because of these opposing magnetic forces. So essentially a Maglev train is an electric train, and depending on how you create the electricity to power that train, it can be a very clean form of mass transit.

Where are Maglev trains located?

There are Maglev trains that have been experimented with, demonstrated. Disneyland has used Maglev trains for about thirty years and other parts of the world. But Maglev trains are not in common use at this time, in terms of any mass transit projects.

How much does air travel contribute to carbon emissions?

Air travel is now one of the largest, fastest growing segments of air pollution, carbon emissions and greenhouse gas emissions, because air travel is growing exponentially every year. More and more people find it easy to travel by air for the family vacation, for business or to move around the globe and as a result, we have generated a lot more pollution and carbon emissions.