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What are the ten commandments of meeting younger women?

Meeting Younger Women

R Don Steele (Author, "How To Date Young Women") gives expert video advice on: What are the ten commandments of meeting younger women?; Where can I meet younger women?; How should I approach younger women if I want to date them? and more...

What are the ten commandments of meeting younger women?

The ten commandments of meeting. Thou shalt not stare at her breasts or butt. Thou shalt not mention the ex or children. Thou shalt not look at other females. Thou shalt not talk over or down to her. Thou shalt not be slick or smooth. Thou shalt not be negative or cynical. Thou shalt not mention sex. Thou shalt not ever ask about boyfriends. Thou shalt not touch, except to shake hands. Thou shalt never indicate a standing interest in her. Ten commandments. Don't skip one or you're toast.

Where can I meet younger women?

To meet young women, you want to go where she's not trying to meet men. If she's trying to meet men, you are not on her radar at all. Nightclubs, bars, don't even bother. The beach, forget about it. You have to go where she's not looking to meet a man. My favorite hunting grounds are weddings, wedding receptions. Everybody is different ages, you don't stick out like a sore thumb. She's drinking champagne, her sister just scored a touch down. She wants to dance and celebrate. Perfect hunting grounds.

What should I never say to younger women?

When you're talking with a young woman, never talk about sex. Never tell any dirty jokes, and jokes in general are kind of risky. Just be yourself, relax, and take your cues from her; talk about things she wants to talk about. Don't talk about your boss and what a crap he is, don't talk about your ex-wife, don't ask about her boyfriend. Keep it simple; safe topics.

When I get a younger woman's phone number, how long should I wait to call?

Men ask me all the time, "What should I do with her phone number?" Number one, I don't want you to ask for her phone number, if it's freely given that's fine. For example, you say: "Here is my interesting conversation starting business card." She looks at it and she says "Ahh". I say, "How can I reach you? Then she gives me her phone number. Once she gives me her phone number, twenty-four hours, you better call. Not two days, not three days, twenty-four hours. This comes from all the young women I have worked with in my workshops. I did this intuitively, I don't know why, but I'm telling you, twenty-four hours get on the phone and call her.

Why is body language so important when meeting younger women?

Body language is crucial when you're trying to date young women, number one, because you want to know which women are interested in you, because women do the choosing, you don't. So, if you look around a wedding reception, and you notice some women looking at you, those are the ones you want to talk with. Circulate, say "Hi, I'm Don Steele," shake hands. Go back, get a drink, and think about which one was the most interested. Then, that's the one you want to zero in on, not the one who is most attractive to you.