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Can playing cards improve my memory?

Memorizing Playing Cards

Arthur Bornstein (Founder, The Bornstein School for Memory Training) gives expert video advice on: Can playing cards improve my memory?; How can I remember a string of numbered cards?; Can memorization help me win at card games?

Can playing cards improve my memory?

Actually they are exercising the memory because you have to concentrate in any game of playing cards. You can create memory systems to remember the placing cards or to also exercise your mind. Here's a little simple system. If it's a clubs, you come up with anything that deals with a club, anything made out of wood is your clubs. Now hearts, anything from Valentine's Day candy is your hearts. Your diamonds is jewelry, anything that deals with jewelry is your diamonds. And your spades, anything that had to do with gardening, like a spade is your spades. So if a person picks up a five of hearts, you know that's candy, just look at the person in front of you, see them eating five pieces of candy. Now, if you use the people that are in front of you in playing a game of bridge. Or, if you want, you can use the walls in the room and just look at the wall. Of think of the wall and see those elements on the wall. So you come back and you say who has the five of hearts, that's the person in front of you.

Can memorization help me win at card games?

The visual key method is simply developing a visual picture that represents a number. And you can have twenty visual pictures. That means you have twenty numbers. Or you can have a hundred visual pictures in your mind that represent a hundred numbers. Those numbers will act as a base to make your associations. Those pictures connected to whatever you wish to remember. Improving your memory to increase your winnings at playing cards. Absolutely. The best players have the sharpest memories and you can start developing your systems and exercising your mind and create your winnings at the game. But get the system going, do a little practice and you'll be amazed; you'll have more confidence and more winnings.