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What is 'shoe talk'?

Men And Shoes

Donna Sozio (Author and Relationship Expert) gives expert video advice on: What is 'shoe talk'?; What is a 'solemate'?; How do I become a master of soleology? and more...

What is 'shoe talk'?

Okay, shoe talk is one of my favorite things to talk about, because, it's already a language most women understand, because, we love shoes so much and I always say when you love something it reveals its secrets to you. But most men don't realize that their shoes are talking and women are listening. And sometimes women aren't used to listening to what men's shoes are saying about them. We already know what the shoes are saying about us, but we're not used to opening our ears up to what men's shoes are saying about them so sometimes we block it out. So guys, your shoes are talking and women are listening.

What is a 'solemate'?

A sole mate is when a woman sees all the qualities and everything she's ever been looking for in a man. Whether it be either he's an artist type and it shows up in his shoes or he's, I say, the Oxford numbers guy and it shows up in his shoes. Whatever the qualities that she is looking for in a man and she sees it reflected back into her by his shoes, that's a solemate.And I always say, "Women, remember its not only the prince that gets to see if the shoe fits."

Do men really express themselves through their shoes?

They do! But here's the rub: they don't know it. That's why it's so great! It's sometimes with men what they're saying through their shoes is almost straight to the subconscious because they don't realize how much they are expressing through their shoes. And that's why you can really get in there when you look at them and see what's really going on. For instance, maybe he has all the Guccis, all the Puccis, you know, all the right shoes but he's not taking care of them. They're all scuffed - he's not into the maintenance side of life. He doesn't know how to maintain his soul. So, there's so much that shoes are saying and there's so much that men are expressing through their shoes and they don't know it yet.

Are men good communicators?

Well, are men good communicators? Yes, they are great communicators not always with their words but that is why they wear shoes. Men are great communicators with their shoes. They just might not know it yet and men communicate through their shoes because they buy shoes that they are attracted to. And when you take an observer's point of view, you would think, “Hmm, why is he attracted to wearing Velcro rubber shoes in the city.” Or why is he wearing urban hiker boots off the mountain. Or why does he always wear flip flops even when it is 40 degrees outside. So men are communicating all the time with their shoes and it is a great way to learn more them.

What do shoes have to do with romantic relationships?

Everything! Everything because what shoes do, they tell the person romantic relationship history. Maybe you just met the guy five minutes ago and you don't have any friends in common. By looking at his shoes and looking at the way he treats his shoes, then you can learn about how he treats all things in his life. Usually how men do one thing is how they do everything. How he treats himself is how he is going to treat his things, his shoes and also going to trickle down to how he treats you. It give you all the relationship history you can handle. It also shows you what he is attracted to. So if he's attracted to success, he's not going to wear scuffed up, distressed ratty shoes out of the box. He's going to wear shoes well put together, succinct moving forward and if he is attracted to a casual look, he's going to be wearing those softer fabrics, not such a harder angle and it runs the whole gambit.

Can I really predict my future with a man based on his choice of shoes?

Yes, you can predict a range of possibilities of your future with a guy based on his shoes. And I always say, since love is blind, his shoes help you see. They're like a flashlight in the dark.And so the range of possibilities is, maybe he's got six pair of wing tips, and one pair of flip-flops that are dusty and have never seen the light of day. Well you can predict that he's not going to be going to the beach that much. Or maybe it's the reverse. Maybe he's got six pairs of flip-flops and maybe one pair of dusty wingtips that are just sort of in the back of the closet. You can predict that he doesn't want to have an office job. And then you can alignment with what you want out of your future, and see if you're compatible.

Do women really judge a man by his shoes?

Yes. Yes we do. Not all women, but women that love shoes, and that's most women, do judge a man by his shoes. And this is why we love shoes. So if we see that a man has at least appreciation for something we love, we consider him to have potential and potential wins the day.