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When should I start studying for a school test?

Middle School Test Tips

Alexa Hale (Professional Tutor, Academic Advantage) gives expert video advice on: What are secrets of writing a good essay question answer?; How can I write essay question answers that impress my teachers? and more...

When should I start studying for a school test?

For middle school test tips, you should start studying for a school test about five days before the test takes place, regardless of what subject it's for. If you're unsure about when the test is going to take place, ask your teacher; they can give you some advice about how long you need to study before the school test. If it's a final exam, make sure you study at least a week or a week and a half before the exam takes place. Also, make sure you have all the appropriate notes, worksheets, or anything else you might need to study for the test. If you've missed a day and were out sick, make sure you get those notes from another student or your teacher.

What's an "essay question" on a test?

On a test, you'll often see essay questions or free response questions, where you won't have multiple choices that'll help you create the right answer. In an essay question, you're going to have to remember all the information on your own and write it in a effective and concise format so your teacher can understand, meaning you're going to have to recall names, dates, places and write them in some type of paragraph to answer the essay question being asked.