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How can I grow long, natural nails?

Natural Nails

Carla Kay (Celebrity Manicurist) gives expert video advice on: How can I grow long, natural nails?; What products are needed to maintain natural nails?; How can I enhance the shine of my natural nails? and more...

What products are needed to maintain natural nails?

Products that are needed to maintain natural nails would be base coat, top coat, fingernail file and lotion. If you dont use any color at all, you use your base coat to give you the vitamins and the fortifiers that you need to keep a strong healthy nail. The top coat seals the base coat, and then just smooth the edges to make sure they're not cracking and breaking off. Use hand lotion to moisturize your hands every day.

How often should I get a manicure?

You should get a manicure every one to two weeks, depending on how much you want to change your color. Some people's nails might grow faster than others, so depending on how quickly and what your lifestyle is, you can choose according to that. Try to take care of your hands as much as possible.

Should I clip or file my nails?

You should file your nails, because if you're cutting your finger nails, especially dry nails, they can just crack right off. By filing your finger nails, you have more control with the shape and the length that you want. I personally would go with filing the nails dry.

Why does nail polish last longer on fake nails?

Polish lasts longer on artificial nails, because on natural nails you have more oils in your bed and it's going to slide off a lot easier. It's just like having the oils on your eyelids, when you apply makeup, why does it smear? It's the same thing. It's an artificial nail, which doesn't have the oils in it, so it's going to last three, four times longer.

Do my nails need breaks from nail polish?

Nails need breaks from polish, especially in winter time because you're staining. If you're not using base coats and you're using dark colors, your nails are turning yellow. By not using colors, your nail is going to become much more healthy. In winter time that is the best time to really take a break from polish.

Does nail polish remover dry out nails?

Nail polish remover can dry out your nails, if it's acetone that is being used frequently on natural nails. There are conditioned non-acetone removers at drug stores that you should be buying as a consumer to take off your polish at home. If you use acetone, you need to take it off very quickly, and only use it maybe once a week at the most.