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Nutrition For Strong Nails

Nutrition For Strong Nails

Carla Kay (Celebrity Manicurist) gives expert video advice on: How do nails reflect overall health?; How does nutrition affect nail growth?; What vitamins are important to the nails nutrition?

How do nails reflect overall health?

Nails reflect in overall health - that is pretty visible. If you look at your nails, and you see that they're white, and they're not attached to the bed, there's something going on there. It might not necessarily be from a manicure - it might be something internal. We can look at our nails, and see that there's something clearly not right, and at that point, you should go see a podiatrist.

How does nutrition affect nail growth?

Nutrition affects nail growth tremendously. If you're healthy and you're taking the proper vitamins or eating right, it's clearly going to show. By having the proper nutrition and vitamins, its going to be very clear that your nails are going to be healthy - your hair is going to grow much faster. It's a huge impact.

What vitamins are important to the nails nutrition?

Vitamins that are important for nail growth are A through E. have a look at women who are pregnant, and see how fast and healthy their nails are. It's because of all the vitamins that they are taking, and their prenatal. Some women even say if they are not planning on getting pregnant, they take those vitamins because of the great health that their nails and hair and skin are in.