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What's the story behind Vic Morrow's death?

Odd Or Accidental Celebrity Deaths

Michael Largo (Author) gives expert video advice on: What's the story behind Vic Morrow's death?; What really caused Brandon Lee's death?; How did Johnny Ace accidentally kill himself? and more...

What's the story behind Vic Morrow's death?

Vic Morrow played Sergeant Saunders in the popular TV show "Combat" in the 60's and was a hero to many kids. And he was actually one of the highest paid actors during that time. But he had also gotten a reputation for being difficult to work with and sometimes known for his excessive drinking. Towards the end, in the 70's the kids who watched the show wanted to bring back their hero and they convinced him that he could resuscitate his career by getting in the film "Twilight Zone". What happened to him was that during a scene a helicopter had crashed and the blade came loose and actually decapitated him along with another child, becoming one of the first actors who ever died decapitated on screen.

What really caused Brandon Lee's death?

Brandon Lee was Bruce Lee's son, and what happened was that a lot of the times in the films they used dummy bullets in guns. But if it's not packed the right way, the wadding around the paper can get lodged in the chamber, and it can fire from the pistol with the same velocity as a bullet. And that's what happened to Brandon Lee. After his death, a lot of people believed it was a curse or an assassination plot, but it seemed to be just a prop malfunction.

How did Johnny Ace accidentally kill himself?

Johnny Ace holds the distinction of being one of the first pop stars (he was an R&B singer back in the 50's) who played a game of Russian Roulette backstage on Christmas Day in 1954 and shot himself. Further investigation says that he was actually trying to point the gun at his girlfriend first, and when it misfired, he then pointed it at himself. Nevertheless, Russian Roulette and Johnny Ace, go hand-in-hand.

How did Terry Kath accidentally kill himself?

Terry Kath was one of the founding members of the band Chicago, but he was also a noted gun enthusiast. He had carried a lot of guns and he would always show them off. Apparently he had taken a 38 and was showing everyone that it wasn't loaded, and he pointed it at his head and he went through all of it and it wasn't loaded. Then he grabbed a 9 millimetre and did the same thing, and his last words were, "Don't worry everybody, relax, it's not loaded", but this one was and it killed him.

How did Divine die?

Divine was known as the slightly overweight, transvestite disco queen, and she died of probably what gave her the image of being overweight. She also suffered from apnea, which is losing your breath while you sleep, and that is how she died.

How did Wong Ka Kui die?

He was in a band called Beyond and he's known primarily for being one of the few actors who actually was carrying on too much on stage. And , he fell off an eight foot stage and died during the video filming of his new song.

What caused Tommy Tucker's death?

He now holds the distinction of being one of the only popular singers to actually die from stripping his wood floors. The fumes form the tetra-hydrochloride overcame him. He was stripping floors in an enclosed environment and died while trying to get his loft in shape.

What caused Candy Givens' death?

She's a member of the band Zephyr and she holds one of the distinctions as being the only one to actually have drowned, but did so in a hot tub.

What was the cause of Joseph Glidden's death?

He was a famous inventor of barb wire. Most now people thinking of this invention meaning nothing, but it actually formed the entire American West. Once barb wire was curtaining off different pastures - that was the end of the cowboy. And many, many people complained that it only was cutting animals or even the guys that had to roll these long wires of barb wire across the giant planes. But I guess in a twisted fate, the very thing that made him one of the wealthiest man of his time, may have been also the thing that killed him. He got a very serious cut back then from handling some of his barb wire and he died from an infection from an unhealed wound.

What caused Clarence Birdseye's death?

Clarence Birdseye was in the army and he was stationed in the North Pole. He discovered as he was standing around that once a fish was pulled out of the water and laid on the ice that it stopped flopping immediately, and that when he re-thawed it, that it tasted almost the same. So he was credited as being the inventor of and the father of the frozen food industry. And he made a lot of money doing so, but at the end of his life, he caught a cold and he died of pneumonia.

How did Les Harvey die?

Leslie Harvey falls in the category of rock legends. He was a member of the band called Stone The Crows and he died being electrocuted on stage, stepping into something wet. It has still remained a mystery exactly what he was stepped in while he was playing the guitar.