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How long do dogs usually live?

Older Dogs And Euthanasia

Shelby Marlo, CPDT (Animal Behavioral Specialist, Professional Dog trainer) gives expert video advice on: How long do dogs usually live?; How can I prepare my kids and myself emotionally before putting our dog down?; How long should I wait to get a new dog after my dog's death? and more...

How long do dogs usually live?

Again this all depends on the size of the dog. Small dogs live longer than large dogs, so a small dog might live as long as sixteen or seventeen years. However, a large dog such as a giant breed like the Great Danes, might be old at seven or eight years.

What are the most common geriatric issues for dogs?

As a dog ages, geriatric issues are going to happen just like with people. You get blindness, deafness, and you get incontinence, which I think is the worst of everything for us as humans. For example my own dog leaks; indeed it is called leaking. These are some geriatric issues that happen as a natural product of old age, and it's very sad, but it's a passage of life.

How will my vet put my dog down?

Ideally, you have a veterinarian who will come to the house and he will do an at-home euthanasia. You're going have a dog who is going to be put asleep with a pre-anaesthestic, so the dog's going to be put asleep before the lethal dose is administered. You can hold your dog; you can soothe your dog. Your dog is in an environment where you feel safe and calm, and that's the most important thing.

How long should I wait to get a new dog after my dog's death?

Everybody's feeling is different. Personally I get a new dog before my dog goes because I can't be without a dog. It's a very personal decision and everybody's different, but if you're a dog lover and a true dog needer, you get one as soon as you possibly can.