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How can I organize my bedroom?

Organizing My Bedroom

Mary Astadourian (Professional Organizer) gives expert video advice on: How can I organize my bedroom?; What items should not be stored in my bedroom?; What items should I keep in my bedroom? and more...

What items should not be stored in my bedroom?

The things that you don't want to store in your bedroom are all things that really don't belong in there. You don't want to store boxes of files. You don't want to store things that you're hoping you'll move somewhere else at some point but when you get around to it. You don't want to store that, like dry cleaning that you've never gotten around to opening or your mail. All those kinds of things. Your bedroom's really not about that. You don't want to just use it as a storage room. You want to keep things in it that really just pertain to sleeping, to dressing, to the things that you use your bedroom for. Too many people tend to use their bedrooms as storage spaces. It's not a good idea.

What items should I keep in my bedroom?

I think anything that really is relaxing to you creates that sanctuary feeling: music, candles, photographs that bring back good memories, things of your family, things that you want to be looking at, flowers. You want to have colors that are soothing to you and that you just enjoy looking at because, again, you wake up in the morning, you open your eyes, and the first things you're going to look at are all things that are around you in this room. So, I think, try to keep as little clutter in there as possible. If you have to have clutter in your life, in your home, it's, I think, better to have it in other rooms of the house if you can, because this bedroom is a sanctuary. Another thing people always do is laundry that isn't folded. A great space for it seems to be the master bedroom. A lot of times, it's really right on the bed and you find people are just pushing it aside to go to sleep or whatever. You want to take a little time and effort to make this like a really nice environment.

How can organization help make my bedroom more peaceful?

I think in a master bedroom, most of the time it's about minimizing clutter: and the space that you tend to need to organize, would be in the closet. If you don't have a lot of closet space, then you might want to look to the rest of the room: to see how you can utilize certain parts of it for getting more storage space. But, for the most part, I find that people need to 'de-clutter' their master bedrooms; they have too many things in them, and they need to take things away.

Is storing things under a bed a good solution?

I find, in general under the bed storage is tricky, because people forget that they have things under the bed and they forget what's under the bed. And so if you're going to store something under the bed you want to store things that you're not really looking for. Although in a very tight space, you can store things like workout clothes in a container that you could slide out and have access to. Or certain types of clothing that you're not necessarily going to wear everyday but that you wear. You might be able to utilize that space for that, because space is limited and not everybody has enough drawers or good closet space or an armoire. So you've got to make do with what you do have.