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What is "parental involvement" in reference to schools?

Parental Involvement At School

Kimberly Oliver (National Teacher of the Year, Broad Acres Elementary School, Maryland) gives expert video advice on: How can I be involved at my child's school if I don't have much free time? and more...

What is "parental involvement" in reference to schools?

Parent involvement is a broad term that refers to a parent's role in ensuring a child's academic success. It may refer to the parent's role in the school with volunteering in classrooms, becoming a part of the parent/teacher organization in that school or helping with fundraising. But, it also includes the work that a parent is doing in the home ensuring the academic success of a child. There are many reasons for a parent to get involved at a child's school. One of the most important is that a parent will get to know what's going on inside of the school if they're involved. A parent can also establish better relationships with teachers and administrators in the school when they're actively involved in the school system and the programs that are going on. Furthermore it's important for parents to get involved in schools so that they can know how to complement learning at home.

What is a "room mother" or "room father"?

A room mother or room father is a parent who volunteers in the classroom. A room mother or room father helps the teacher to organize activities, correspond with other parents, and help children obtain learning goals.

What school-based organizations are available for parents to join?

Most schools have a PTA or a Parent Teacher Association. Most of the programs for parent involvement fall under the umbrella of the PTA. There are different sub-committees that parents can join, working on learning activities in the school for children to participate in, fundraising for the school or even community based relationships. These are all things that parents can get involved in.