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How do I place a bet on a horse?

Placing A Bet

Ed Hawkins (Sports Journalist) gives expert video advice on: Why is one horse the favourite?; Can I bet on more than one horse in the same race?; How do I collect my winnings? and more...

Where can I place a bet on a horse?

In the past, you could only back a horse with your own course bookies, the tote, or at your local bookmaking shop. Now you can back a horse online, over the telephone, or even through your television.

I'm new to betting - what's the best bet to get me started?

When it comes to placing a bet, the best first bet to make is probably an 'each way' bet. Here, the odds are bigger, your chance is better, and if you win, you are more likely to enjoy the experience.

Why is one horse the favourite?

One horse is the favorite for two reasons: the first reason is because it's probably the best horse in the field, and the second reason is because everyone's been punting on it. When a steady flow of cash comes to one horse that means only one thing: price comes down.

What's the difference between betting at the trackside or in a bookies?

When placing a bet, there are differences in placing a bet trackside compared to in a bookies. Trackside is not a great deal in terms of value but it is more exciting, you can shout your horse home and generally get more excited. On the other hand, if you're in a bookies you'll probably be a bit quieter, with more people to smell.

What's the maximum amount of money I can bet on a horse?

On course, bookies have a maximum payout, normally about a grand, but your big established firms like Ladbrokes and Hills have huge amounts they can possibly pay out, but they will restrict the amount you can bet if you're a winning punter with them historically, and you might get nothing back to half your stakes sometimes.

Can I bet on more than one horse in the same race?

When placing a bet, you can bet on more than one horse in one race, and you can do it on the nose, to win. But really, you are betting against yourself. If you want to bet two or three horses in the same race, the best way to do it is pick each way, and go for big prizes.