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Post-First Date Advice For Men

Post-First Date Advice For Men

Archie Gips (Dating Coach) gives expert video advice on: What do I do if I tell my date I'll call her, but don't reallly want a second date?; How soon should I call a woman if I'm interested in a second date?; How do I handle a post-date situation if I just want to be friends? and more...

What do I do if I tell my date I'll call her, but don't reallly want a second date?

A lot of guys have been in the situation where, at the end of the date, they tell the girl they had a great time and they're going to call them again, they get home, and they're like, "What was I thinking? I don't want to go out with that girl again." It happens to all of us. When that arises, you really have two options. One is to just not call her back. I personally would not choose that option, but you're free to do that. The second option is to call her and say, "You know what? I had a great time, I think you're really cool, but I don't really think there's that physical connection between us." Nine times out of ten she'll feel the same way, and maybe you'll make a good friend out of it, if nothing else.

How soon should I call a woman if I'm interested in a second date?

When you call up a girl and ask her out on a second date really depends on how well the first date went. If it went great, you probably should have asked her out right then and there at the end of the first date. If you didn't ask her out then, call her the next day. Show her you're interested in her. Trust me, it will go a long way. If you're not quite sure, or if you're still on the fence about her or if you think she's on the fence about you, then give it a day or two. That's fine, too, because it will make you play a little bit hard to get with her and also it will put the ball back in your court as far as the principle of least interest goes. But if you wait too long to call for a second date, you really are running in jeopardy of her not wanting to go out with you.

Is it OK to email or text a woman after a first date instead of calling?

When it comes to texting and e-mailing after your first date, I differ from a lot of other dating experts. Personally, I think you should call the person after the first date. The only exception, when you should text or e-mail, is if the woman prefers that mode of communication. If she's working a lot, and she really only responds to e-mails, then go ahead and e-mail her. But I think once you've met a person and you've spoken to them, and you've been face to face, I think it's best to continue talking with them and be on the phone with them, because it's more personal. E-mails and text messages are easier, but they're less personal. So stick with the more personal approach and call them.