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What was required to prepare for gastric bypass surgery?

Preparing For Gastric Bypass

Chad Cooper (Roux-en-Y Post-Op.) gives expert video advice on: What was required to prepare for gastric bypass surgery?; What did you have to give up to prepare for gastric bypass surgery?; How hard was it to prepare for gastric bypass surgery? and more...

What was required to prepare for gastric bypass surgery?

Before gastric bypass surgery there were a few things I did have to do. I had to lose 10% of my body weight. I had to attend mandatory classes that covered mental health, that covered eating mindfully. That also allowed me to interact with people who had already had gastric bypass. At the same time I had to meet regularly with my medical team to ensure that my blood pressure was lowering, that I was consistently losing weight to reduce fat around my liver; basically, to reduce as much risk for the surgery as possible.

What did you have to give up to prepare for gastric bypass surgery?

To prepare for gastric bypass surgery I was consulted to give up sugar, caffeine, and to give up large quantities. To not gulp when I drink, to take a sip and this was a new concept to me small bites and sipping. It was very important though because especially after gastric bypass surgery you cannot gulp anymore, you cannot take large bites, where is it going to go? Your stomach is only so big after gastric bypass surgery. My team consulted with me to start early, to start eating small, to take small bites and to start sipping and that is still with me today.

How hard was it to prepare for gastric bypass surgery?

It was hard to prepare obviously because you are so used to eating large quantities and coping and eating sugars and eating fat. When you change those habits you get a sense of what it is going to be like after the gastric bypass surgery. So, it was difficult, because you are living firsthand what it is actually going to be like on the other side.

How did you prepare yourself psychologically for gastric bypass surgery?

Luckily I had a great team at New England Medical Center in Boston and they were very involved in preparing me. Obviously, like I said, the three-prong approach. I was prepared by the doctors who were interested in my blood pressure, my vitamin levels, all the good stuff, whether I had sleep apnea, although I didn't, the mental health were, you know, doctors, were interested in how I was progressing and keeping my food journal and you know, that I wasn't eating because I was stressed. Preparing for the actual surgery was very important, so meeting with the surgeon and the mental health team collectively, you know, getting ready for the fact that you're going to have this major, life-changing surgery, and psychologically you have to be ready for that, you have to understand that the day after you can't stop and get a double cheeseburger at McDonald's because it can be very, very dangerous.

Did you feel mentally and physically ready for gastric bypass surgery?

Mentally I was prepared for gastric bypass because of my great team I had changed my relationship with food and I had understood what the effect of gastric bypass was going to be on my relationship with food mentally and physically. Physically I was prepared because when you remove certain things from your diet it's good, I removed sugar from my diet, I never removed fully but I lowered the amount of fat I was eating and I truly prepared myself for what was going to be on the other side which was that times 10, 14 grams of sugar less per serving and keeping low fat and keeping your protein up so physically I was ready because I understood the restrictions. Mentally I was ready because I understood the restrictions and I understood the restrictions on how they would impact me with my relationship with food.