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What is "Radiesse"?


Steve Fallek (Plastic Surgeon and Medical Director, Face Focus Medical Spa) gives expert video advice on: Where on my body can I receive a Radiesse treatment?; How long will the results from a Radiesse treatment last?; Can I receive other cosmetic fillers after getting a Radiesse injection? and more...

What is "Radiesse"?

Radiesse is a dermal filler made of calcium hydroxylapatite crystals. It works in a different manner than other dermal fillers, and is considered a more viscous or solid filler, so according to the manufacturer, should last longer than other types of fillers on the market. It is injected in the face area, in similar areas to other dermal fillers. It should never be injected into the lip area, which is really the difference between it and other dermal fillers.

How is Radiesse applied?

Radiesse is similar to the other injectable dermal fillers in that it is injected into the skin of the face. As opposed to the other dermal fillers, it's usually injected at a deeper layer than the other ones, because it's a more viscous, thicker material than some of the other dermal fillers. It's also injected with numerous passes, as opposed to one or two passes that is typical of a hyaluronic acid injection.

How is Radiesse different from other dermal fillers?

Radiesse is made of a combination of collagen and calcium hydroxy apetite, which makes it a more viscous or more thicker material. According to the manufacturer, that should lead to longer-lasting result. We're talking closer to a year than six to nine months for the other fillers. The other important thing is that it needs to be injected at a deeper layer than some of the other dermal fillers.

Where on my body can I receive a Radiesse treatment?

Radiesse is used primarily in the lower face area. Radiesse primarily takes care of the nasal labial fold; that's its primary indication. The nasal labial fold is the area which extends from corner of the nose to the corner of the mouth. Radiesse is also used effectively in the puppet or marionette lines.

How long will the results from a Radiesse treatment last?

According to the manufacturer, Radiesse is supposed to last for up to one year, which makes it a bit longer lasting than some of the other dermal fillers that are available on the market.

Can I receive other cosmetic fillers after getting a Radiesse injection?

There's absolutely no reason that you can't combine Radiesse with other treatment options and other dermal fillers. Specifically, if you wanted the lip area addressed, you may request another dermal filler, while in fact using Radiesse for the lines around the mouth where it may give a longer result.

What results can I expect after getting a Radiesse treatment?

What's great about Radiesse is you should see immediate results and immediate improvement in the lines around the mouth; patients who have the treatment done see immediate results. Over the course of the next week or two, you may see some resolution, some loss of that volume, but patients usually return in about two or three weeks for a follow-up, where more of the Radiesse can be injected. In general, patients have been very happy with Radiesse treatments.

What should I be aware of after my Radiesse treatment?

The major concerns with Radiesse are more with the injection than with the actual substance. So it's a matter of you may have some bleeding or bruising at the Radiesse injection site, and normally that resolves within a couple of hours to the next day. But in general, there should be no complications, no significant side-effects, with Radiesse treatments.

What pre-treatment is required with Radiesse?

The only pre-treatment required with Radiesse is that a doctor should evaluate a patient prior to treatment and to determine whether or not that patient is a good candidate for Radiesse injections. Certainly, if lip augmentation is requested than Radiesse is not an appropriate treatment. The other questions are whether or not the patient has any bleeding issues, whether or not they're taking any blood thinners or anticoagulants, which should be stopped prior to injection.

What post treatment is required after receiving a Radiesse treatment?

There is really no post treatment that is required after Radiesse injections. Sometimes there can be some bruising and some swelling at the injection sites, but in general that resolves rather quickly. For most of my patients, and for most physicans, the patient will return to the doctor's office or the medispa about two weeks after the initial injection just to evaluate how everything looks. Sometimes massage can be used to smoothen out small areas if, in fact, there are some lumps and bumps that are present after the injection.

What are the risks of a Radiesse treatment?

There are very few risks involved with Radiesse if in fact it's injected by a certified Radiesse physician and it's done by the physician in the medi-spa. The material has been reformulated to decrease the risk of granuloma or cyst formation. So as long as it's not injected into the lymph area, it is safe and effective and there should be very few side effects.

How much will a Radiesse treatment cost?

Radiesse treatment costs a bit more than the other dermal fillers and should cost anywhere from $750 to $1,000. Much of that depends on what part of the country you're in. Obviously, if you're in one of the bigger urban areas you'll probably pay some more. I'd be less concerned about paying more than about paying almost nothing. You want to make sure that it's the actual substance. If somebody is offering it to you for less than five or six hundred dollars, then I would be concerned that it's not the actual product.