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Removing Your Tattoo

Removing Your Tattoo

Mark Schwab (Tattoo Artist) gives expert video advice on: Can I remove my tattoo?; What should I consider before laser tattoo removal?; Are there any risks with laser tattoo removal? and more...

Can I remove my tattoo?

Tattoo removal has been making leaps and bounds in the field of laser tattoo removal. You can go in and see a dermatologist who does laser tattoo removal and it usually is a lengthy process, but they can get it close to no tattoo being there at all. But remember, there will be a little scar left over from it to remind you of your existing tattoo.

How does laser tattoo removal work?

Laser tattoo removal is a lot quicker than the tattoo procedure itself. However, it does take several sessions. Dermatologists will then zap the area of pigment with the laser, breaking it down, and then it is carried away by your blood stream. It can take several months, and several sessions to successfully remove a tattoo.

What should I consider before laser tattoo removal?

Things to consider before getting your tattoo removed are getting a tattoo in the first place. We really don't like tattoo removal. But, it is going to take time - it is more painful than your already painful tattoo procedure, and can be quite expensive. Alsom it is going to take time, and you're going have to live with a half laser burned scar-looking area on your body for a while.

Do tattoo removal creams work?

I have never even heard of a tattoo removal cream, however, there was that one skit on Saturday Night Live, that was kind of funny, but unless you use battery acid or a belt sander, there is no tattoo removal cream that I know of. So, I wouldn't advise using battery acid or a belt sander, or any other concoction that your uncle has in his shed.

Are there any risks with laser tattoo removal?

The risks involved with laser tattoo removal are bone scars. Go in and look at your dermatologist before and after. Just like your tattoo artist, they will have a portfolio of their before and after procedures, so look for reputable dermatologists and definitely ask to see some of their before and after examples, to make sure they're somebody that is capable of doing what you need them to do.