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What are the most common sources of job listings?

Searching For A Job

Debra Davenport (Executive Professional Mentor, Licensed Career Counselor & Employment Agent) gives expert video advice on: What is the most effective way to job search? and more...

What are the most common sources of job listings?

Well certainly I think the most common place for people to go is the internet. Your monster. com, jobbing.com. All of those different types of websites are great. I have had some clients and I know some people who have found positions on those types of sites. The thing with going the mass population route if you will, is that you have a tremendous amount of competition vying for the same position. So the key I think really is finding that hidden job market through networking, through contacts, getting involved in professional associations and organizations. Certainly you want to post your resume online and make sure that youre taking advantage of every single type of job hunting service. But, sometimes those aren't always the best way to go.

How effective is resume-posting online?

Well I do know some people, and certainly some clients who have found positions online, but the majority of people who post their resumes online never hear a word. It can wind up being frustrating to the client. It can make them feel that their resume isn't working or like they are an undesirable candidate, when it's simply a numbers game. While it's certainly worth doing, posting your resume online it may not be the most effective way.

In my opinion, and in being a career counsellor for over twenty years, the most effective way to find a good position is through your contacts. There is nothing more effective than a personal introduction from someone to a key individual in the organisation where you want to work. How you go about this is very strategic because you need to determine "Where do I want to work? What is the position I want? Who do I need to meet to facilitate getting me in there?" That takes a little bit of time. It's a lot easier to post your résumé online and then just hope for the best. My method takes more time. It takes a lot of focus and a lot of effort, but it definitely pays off in the long run. It pays off in terms of getting the best job, but it also pays off because a lot of times, based on who you know, companies will create positions for you. That's always the best scenario you can imagine. So, you can wind up making more money and getting the job of your dreams if you make the effort to really get out there and network and meet people.

What are "hiring scams"?

Dr. Debra Davenport: Unfortunately, there are many hiring scams out there. Most of them are going to ask you to pay some kind of money upfront, and they'll say "we can help you find a job." You need to pay us X number of dollars and we will start looking for a job for you. Or it is very, very common in the entertainment industry for modeling agencies and other types of agencies to say, if you pay us X amount of dollars we will get you a role in a TV series or we will get you a modeling contract or whatever it might be. Steer clear of any employer, any agency, anyone who asks you for money upfront.