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Can I shave my bikini area?

Shaving Tips For Females

Danielle Malka (Shaving Expert ) gives expert video advice on: Can I shave my bikini area?; Is it better to shave my bikini area or use other hair removal techniques?; How do I shave my own bikini area? and more...

Can I shave my bikini area?

In some cultures, not only you can but you should. Particularly when summer comes around and we're wearing those very sexy little bikinis and bathing suits, it's not very nice when you don't have a very neat bikini line. In that case, I would say definitely shave your bikini line. Otherwise, wear little shorts.

Is it better to shave my bikini area or use other hair removal techniques?

Every form of hair removal has its plus and its minuses, right? The advantage of shaving is that you can get a close shave anytime, anywhere. So you don't need to plan, prepare, etcetera, etcetera. So it's really like instant gratification and it's sort of like being ready to seize the opportunity on the moment. You get a call your friend says, "Oh you want to go to the beach?" "Oh I didn't shave. Well let me just jump in the shower," and you shave, you're ready and you can go! It's pretty cool. Now waxing works for some people but some people have skin that's way too delicate and they can not deal with the pain of waxing, in which case, falling back on shaving is, for them, the only solution. The other option we have today is laser which would be like permanent but it's quite painful too and it's expensive so again, not for everyone. So I would say that shaving is probably the only solution that's available to any woman who wants to have a neat bikini line anytime, anywhere.

No hair. I think that's really the most popular, and that's becoming more and more acceptable. If you were to look 20 years ago in this country, you would shave your bikini area and that was pretty kinky, or you must have been very strange - and today it's ok. In fact it makes it feel like it's a very clean and very neat. And that's the idea about shaving.

Is there special shaving equipment for the bikini area?

There is no razor on the market that is specially labelled or advertised as a bikini design razor, but you can use a moustache razor. Also, there is an eyebrow razor that is similar to a moustache razor that's very narrow, that will allow you to get a pretty good control over creating any designs.

Should a woman shave her brow area?

Women can shave their brow area. However, today it's absolutely not fashionable. I think that's something from the fifties and before, even before that. They used to do it, and then use pencil to design the eyebrow. Today, I think we are going through an era where thicker eyebrows are sexy. So, no. Don't shave your eyebrows.

Should a woman shave the 'peach fuzz' off her face?

No, do not shave the baby fuzz on your face because the moment you shave it, then it will not be like the duvet anymore, it will be hair and hair will grow thicker and stronger than duvet. So, I don't recommend shaving the duvet off your face. If you happen to be a women who has got a very dark duvet or a lot of it so that you feel uncomfortable, then I would recommend you look into waxing or even see if it is dark, you might be a good candidate for laser and then have it laser removed, but don't shave. As a woman, I do not recommend shaving the face in any way.

Should a woman shave her upper lip?

No, it's part of the face. So you don't want to shave your upper lip. Again, for the upper lip it's just like for duvet in other areas of your face as a woman that might be a duvet too visible in which case I recommend you can wax it or again if you could work for you to have it laser. Laser could be a good permanent solution.

Should I shave if I've had a chemical peel?

No. If you had a chemical peel, the top layer of your skin will be very raw. Because basically what the procedure has done is it's taken the top layer of your skin, and it's taken every dead cell; pretty much everything. So your skin is very much on the edge. So you want to wait a couple of days until the effect of the chemical peel has gone away. Usually your doctor will tell you when you should start to shave again.

Should I shave if I've had any cosmetic procedures like botox, restalyn or a facelift?

Having a Botox, or having any of the things, doesn't interfere with shaving. And I would answer that question for guys, that they could shave even if they have Botox, a facelift or something like that. For women, I always come back to the fact that I recommend not shaving the face.

Should I shave if I've had a photofacial or laser work?

Photo facial, no, again because we are dealing with the face. But it is very interesting when you say if you had laser works. Let us say you are having laser work on your legs, bikini line or under your arms, which is the area that you could shave, it is in fact recommended to shave before you go and do it between sessions. Do not wax, do not use any other form of depilatory. Shaving is the only thing you can do for the regrowth of your hair between lasers.

Can shaving a man be sensual?

Well, I think men think it is. I think almost every guy's fantasy is to have their wife shave them. Isn't that true? Ok, it is not a woman's fantasy. Let us be clear about it - we are not getting any kick out of doing it, ok? But sometimes you want to make a man happy, so I had to ask my husband why he thinks it's so sexy. But there's a little fantasy about it and guys would love to have their wife shave them. It's very tricky but I can teach you how!