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What is a 'silk wrap'?

Silk Wrap Nails

Carla Kay (Celebrity Manicurist) gives expert video advice on: What is a 'silk wrap'?; Can you use a silk wrap over a tip?; What are the benefits of a silk wrap? and more...

What is a 'silk wrap'?

A silk wrap, just as it says, is a silk material that's applied over a broken crack in your nail. You apply the wrap over with a little bit of glue. Once it dries, again, just lightly buff the material and you're on your way.

Can you use a silk wrap over a tip?

Silk wraps can be used with tips, it's not going to be as durable as using an acrylic or a gel. Using a silk over a tip, you'll have to use many layers, so I would refer to using acrylic or a gel over a tip.

What are the benefits of a silk wrap?

The benefits of a silk wrap is that if you have a crack in your nail, where you don't want to cut it off completely, you can adhere the crack, and as the silk is applied it will just grow out, as the crack is growing out.

Are there any risks associated with silk wraps?

The risk to silk wraps depends on who is applying them, and how you're applying them. Somebody might break down your nail plate by filing too much to apply the silk wrap, or overusing glue, which breaks down the nail bed. Lifting can also cause fungus. But overall, it is a safe material to use.

How are silk wraps removed?

Silk wraps should be removed by putting a little bit of acetone in a plastic bag. Put your hands in for probably about, 5 or 10 minutes, it's not going to take too long because of the material. It's a thinner product, so about 10 minutes in a bag of acetone and a little bit of cotton, and then applying lots of cuticle oils after. Silk wraps should not be removed.