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Stress And Others

Stress And Others

Gladeana McMahon (Life Coach) gives expert video advice on: How do I ask others for help?; What personality types deal best with stress?; What personality types deal worst with stress? and more...

What personality types deal best with stress?

There are some people whose personalities really stress-proof them. They're the ones who are very realistic in their thinking style. They don't make excessive demands, they can say no. They're the sort of person that when they enter a situation, they'll go, "Oh, what's the worst that could happen. Give it a go." And so, on that side, they think clearly. Also physically they take care of themselves. They know that their body is just a machine and if they overwork it, it's going to be a problem. So they eat well, and they know how to do that and they know how to take some exercise or whatever it is that they do. So their personality tends to be what we call a hardy personality. It's not that they don't work; they're not lazy, they're not the sort of people who go, "Oh, I'll just take the afternoon off." But what they do is they have an ability to know their limits.

What personality types deal worst with stress?

There are some personality types that deal extremely badly with stress. For example, if you are a perfectionist type character, if you are somebody who can't say no, and if you are a people pleaser, then you are more than likely going to deal very badly with stress because you will override your physical symptoms. You will believe that anything is possible and that if it isn't happening, it's down to you. We also know, for example, that type A personalities deal very badly with stress. A type A personality is somebody who is very achieving. They want to get the best. They're somebody who doesn't deal with, for example, boredom very well. They're highly competitive, if not with other people, with themselves. They're the sort of person who does go down to the gym and if they don't do the requisite number of press-ups in the right amount of time, they will be upset with themselves. They're the sort of people who naturally have a personality that puts stress on themselves.

Can my GP help if I am stressed?

If all of the strategies to handle stress are not working; that is talking to people, looking after yourself, trying to deal with situations, changing the way that you think, and getting help. If none of that is working, then certainly you can go and see your GP. Doctors are used to diagnosing and recognizing stress, and he or she may actually be able to help you. Now, they may be able to do that themselves because they've had stress management, or they may refer you to the counsellor at the GP practice who is also experienced in handling stress. But go and get yourself some help.