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How should I organise my time?

This film is part of the series "Student Life: How To Organise Your Time"

Student Life: How To Organise Your Time

Pat Maier (Lecturer, Learning and Teaching Coordinator) gives expert video advice on: How should I organise my time?

How should I organise my time?

Organizing your time at university is very important, because you have a lot of free time (so-called free time), but it really is independent learning. So you really need to be able to use your time effectively. You'll need to look at the time frame across the semester. So what are the key milestones in a semester, in terms of your coursework or any assignments you'll have to do? You then need to look at your time with regard to a particular course: what do you need to do in a particular course? Where do you need to be in the timetable? Where are you Monday? Where are you Tuesday? What time on Monday and Tuesday? You need to organize that and make sure you are there. And then at a sort of a to-do-list level, you need to work out, what do I need to do today, in order for me to achieve these other milestones? Your to-do list is the thing that you tick-off in order to achieve those milestones. If you can't work on your to-do list, you'll probably fail on those other milestones. If you want to find out more about how your relationship with time is personally, it may be a good idea to look at the chapter on the effective study skills book, by Pearson's, that myself and a colleague, Geraldine Price, have written.