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Can I improve my memory?

Test Your Memory

Arthur Bornstein (Founder, The Bornstein School for Memory Training) gives expert video advice on: Can I improve my memory?; How can I remember several ideas at once?; Does my confidence level affect my ability to memorize? and more...

Can I improve my memory?

It is possible to improve your memory and remember phone numbers and dates by applying very interesting, simple techniques that a young child could remember.

Why do I forget things?

The most common reasons for memory failure are mind wandering and stress. You'll find that these things can block the information from actually coming into your mind. Emotional stress, fatigue and diet, of course, can affect the memory.

Does my confidence level affect my ability to memorize?

The technique for remembering lists is to put the information into a visual, active association process of your mind. Bring two ideas together in your memory. They will come back together. You are actually making interesting, active associations in a positive way. Of course, your motivation has to be very high to say, "I want to remember that information." But once it is associated together, it's going to come back together.

What is the rate of forgetfulness?

The rate of forgetfulness: if memory is not encoded quickly, it could be lost within seconds. The idea of making these positive, active, interesting connections, is so that memory will last for long periods of time. Actually, with review, it will fall quickly into the more permanent, long-term memory of your mind. Use techniques, visualization, association, active connections, and be creative.