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The Bilderberg Group

The Bilderberg Group

Franklin Ruehl (Author - Anomalist) gives expert video advice on: What is the Bilderberg Group and how did it start?; Who attends the Bilderberg Conference?; What is discussed at the Bilderberg Conference? and more...

What is the Bilderberg Group and how did it start?

The Bilderberg Group actually was founded in 1954 at the hotel The Bilderberg in the Netherlands. And the man who was in charge of this wanted closer ties between Europe and America. He felt that there was too much anti-American spirit in Europe, and that a link between the two could be enhanced. So this is the first meeting, and every year since, they have an annual meeting of 130 prominent individuals from business and politics that meet. What's surprising is that these meetings are highly publicized and we know who's attending, so there isn't that much degree of secrecy there.

Who attends the Bilderberg Conference?

Well we know specifically that many members from the Rockefeller clan have attended as well as Donald Rumsfeld. And just many prominent people from politics and business from different parts of the world. These are powerful individuals.

What is discussed at the Bilderberg Conference?

Well, they supposedly talk about how to improve the world. But we suspect, we conspiracy theorists suspect that perhaps, that they're secret meetings they're talking about how to change the world perhaps even create a new world order.

How much control do the Bilderbergs have on the future of society?

I would say that they have a tremendous amount of control, because they're people that have both wealth and political power, and those are the two tools that allow them to actually structure society.

What is the ultimate goal of the Bilderberg Group?

The ultimate goal of the Bilderberg Group Is a new world order. And this can be seen, for instance, in the establishment of the European Union, which is the first step towards that. When you have an entire continent actually with the same dollar, the euro, and then basically we do trade barriers and that can be the first step to the new world order.