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How do the planets affect my personality?

The Planets

Barry Street (Astrologer) gives expert video advice on: How do the planets affect my personality? and more...

How do the planets affect my personality?

When you're born, obviously all the planets are circulating the sun in one position or another. What astrologists do is we don't even account for the fact that they're circling the sun. We look at where they are in relation to the Earth. According to where the planets are in relation to the Earth, that's what determines your personality. Each planet has a set of characteristics. For example, Mars shows your aggression, your drive, how you get what you want, how you assert yourself. If you like, it's associated with your manliness in terms of personality.

How does Mars affect my personality?

Mars is traditionally associated with Aries. Everybody has Mars somewhere in their chart. Everybody has a way they do something in the style of Aries, or how they assert themselves or how they get what they want. People with a strong Mars are very assertive. People with a weak Mars are less assertive. Mars is about how you get what you want, how you do things in your Aries style. Therefore, if you look at somebody you associate as an Aries type, you might find them pushy, you might find them assertive, you might find them strong, you might find them too direct. On the other hand you might find them wonderfully naive and innocent. Mars is about that instant reaction to things.

How does Venus affect my personality?

Venus is the way to everybody's heart. Venus is how you love people. That's why it's associated with Taurus and with Libra. Taurus is about sensuality, where you see some of these Venus traits is how they want to enjoy themselves, it's what they get out of life. People with a strong Venus tend to love life. People with a weak Venus tend to think that life is not so pleasurable. The association with Libra is also an association with friends. Our friends are often the type of people that appeal to our Venus. If you've got a Sun in one sign and a Venus in another, see whether your friends have a Sun sign that appeals to your Venus. They're the people you like, not the people you want to impress; they're your friends.

How does Mercury affect my personality?

Mercury is associated both with Gemini and with Virgo. Mercury is about communication. It's how you want to talk and it's how you want to think. Mercury also rules your brothers, sisters, neighbourhoods and travels, and little things like that. The point of Mercury is that you have to communicate somehow and if you look at where your Mercury is, it's how you understand the world and how you communicate with the world.

How does the Moon affect my personality?

The moon isn't a planet, the moon is the body that everybody in every culture sees, and it's traditionally associated with Cancer. Because we see the moon, we see the constant fluctuations of the moon everyday, and that's what the moon is: the moon is your moodiness, the moon is what rules the emotions, the things that you can't control. Your habits - when you scratch the back of your head, when you sleep on the left hand side of the bed, when you wash in hot water - all these natural things are ruled by the moon. Therefore, it also rules the food you like, it rules your relationship with your family, how you feel about the country where you were born, the country you were brought up in. The moon is your natural behaviour. If you want to see someone's moon sign, upset them. When they get upset, you'll see their moodiness and then you'll spot their moon sign. When you live with someone, you've got to have compatible moons. It doesn't matter if your suns are compatible, it doesn't matter if your egos are compatible. If you can't live together, if you can't sleep naturally in the bed, enjoy leaving the tops off the toothpaste, enjoy the way you wash the dishes together, you can't live together. If you want to live with someone, check out their moon signs.

How does the Sun affect my personality?

The sun is the brightest object in the sky. It is traditionally associated with Leo, the most flamboyant sign of the Zodiac. The sun is where you want to shine. It's where you want to do your best, so when you look at your sun sign, essentially what you're looking at is how you impress the world, how you show the world how great you are. Whenever you look at the sun in the sky, it makes you happy. The sun sign is how you can put happiness into the world. If you go to a party or places where people are trying to impress, it's easy to spot the sun signs. When you take them home, you won't see the sun so much. They switch it off. They switch the light off, and that's their natural behaviour. Sun signs really don't come into their own until the people are in their forties. That's when they're confident about who they are. When they're younger, they have to develop the sun sign. You're not born with your sun sign. You aim to become it.

How does Pluto affect my personality?

Even the astronomers cant decide what Pluto is. Pluto's associated with Scorpio, and Scorpios are hard to fathom. Pluto is hard to fathom. Its very, very remote. We don't know much about it and that's why it's associated with Scorpio. With a Scorpio, you can't get the information out. If you look at your birth chart, and you look where Pluto is, that's the bit you don't want people to know about. That's the big thing you hide and you deny. That's your secret. Look at where someone's Pluto is and you'll find the part of the chart that they're terrified of. That's what they don't want to be.

How does Jupiter affect my personality?

Jupiter is traditionally associated with Sagittarius. Jupiter is by far the biggest planet in the Zodiac. Wherever your Jupiter is, is what you get for free. It's your bonus prize. It's what Father Christmas gives you. Wherever Jupiter is, is where you're the most flamboyant. It's what you want to show off. It's what you can do naturally. When you see people boast, they often boast about something that is their Jupiter. Whatever your Jupiter is, you know you've got that one down to pat. When your mum makes special blueberry pie, that's her Jupiter. It's the speciality dish that you pull out.

How does Saturn affect my personality?

You've got Saturn somewhere in your chart and where that is where you cant let life defeat you. Saturn is about what you have to do to succeed in your own terms. Saturn is the last planet you can see with the naked eye. It's the limit of human endeavour. Saturn is where people moan. That's where they find life hard. Saturn is the planet that people are scared to fail on. Look at where Saturn is on your chart and you'll see what it is that you're scared of failing on. You'll see what the burden is that you carry, and the rod around your neck. Saturn is the thing that you have to do otherwise you're not a big grown up.

How does Uranus affect my personality?

Uranus is the first planet that you can't see without the aid of a telescope. It's the maverick, if you like, of the zodiac. That's why its associated with Aquarius. Uranus is the wacky one. It behaves in a wacky way in the sky. Uranus is associated with being ahead of the time. Where Uranus is in your birth chart is where your individuality comes out. It's where your weirdness comes out. If you've got a strong Uranus, people will see you as weird. Everybody's got a Uranus and everybody's got this little bit of life where they do things their own sweet way. People who have Uranus in the area associated with a house live in strange houses or styles. People who have Uranus in the area of the job do weird and crazy jobs. the weirdness of you, the craziness of you, the eccentricity of you, your freakiness - that's what your Uranus is telling you.

How does Neptune affect my personality?

Neptune is where it all goes wrong. Neptune is traditionally associated with Pisces, and Neptune is very hard to fathom. It cuts in and out of the orbit of Pluto. Sometimes it's the most distant planet, sometimes it's not. Neptune rules everything that's ethereal. It rules illusion, confusion, and delusion, if you like. Neptune was discovered at the same time that they discovered anesthetics. It's the ability to drop out of the real mundane world and get into the mystical, to the fantastical, into the arts, into poetry, into music. Or you can do it another way and get into alcohol or getting lost on a yacht in the sea. But any way where you escape the real world, any time that you feel that you are not on ground Earth, that's what your Neptune shows you. Neptune is your path to escapism, Neptune is your path to bliss. If you can do your Neptune right, you'll have a strong sense of faith in life, a strong belief. And if your Neptune's wrong, life goes black and white and it loses all its color. It's dark.