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How important is warming up before playing?

Training For Beach Volleyball

Sinjin Smith (Volleyball Player) gives expert video advice on: How important is warming up before playing?; How much time is required for a good warm-up?; How does flexibility improve performance in beach volleyball? and more...

How important is warming up before playing?

Warming up is important in everything you do, especially any sport, and it's the same in beach volleyball. You're going to use your shoulder and you're going to swing a ball that's very hard, but before you do that you should warm your shoulder up, hits some balls easy, gradually work up until your shoulders very warmed up. It's the same for your legs, as you're going to be jumping and running around. Start off slowly, get the muscles warm, run, do some light jumping, and then some more jumping until your legs are ready to go. Stretch your lower back. Stretch all parts of your body before you get out and play full speed on the court.

How much time is required for a good warm-up?

A good warm-up is different for everybody. I know when I was younger, it didn't take me that long to warm up, but as I got older, it took more and more time. You should spend at least 10-15 minutes warming up all the muscles before you get out and play full speed.

How does flexibility improve performance in beach volleyball?

Flexibility is important in every sport. Particularly in beach volleyball, you want your muscles loose, ready to move in all directions. But probably the most important reason to be flexible is so that you don't get injured as easily. If you have tight muscles, there's a greater opportunity for injury. If you're loose, there's less chance of injury.

How can strength training improve my game?

The best way to become a great volleyball player is by playing volleyball. Many people think you have to be really, really strong to play beach volleyball. The reality is you're going to become a better player if you develop your skills, not if you become stronger. The time to use strengthening for volleyball is when you have a weakness. If you have a specific weakness or an injury, then you want to try to do some weight training or strengthening of that weakened area. But the way to become a better player is by playing and developing your skills.

How important are rest and nutrition before a beach volleyball game?

Rest and nutrition is important if you want to play at the highest level that you can play at. If you are tired, then you are not going to play your best. If you are weak because you haven't eaten properly, you are not going to play your best game. And if you are playing one game, it maybe isn't as important but if you are playing several games or several hours through the day it's going to be very important. If you are playing several days in a row, this is even more important.

How important is it to have good speed and agility in beach volleyball?

Speed and agility is crucial in beach volleyball, even more important than height, because to move in the sand is very difficult. If you can move quickly, you're going to get to more balls if you're agile, because there's just two of you on the court. So you've got to cover this whole wide area of the court, you've got to be able to move in different directions, and with quickness if you're going to be successful.