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What items should I pack for my cat when traveling?

Traveling And Vacations With Cats

Arden Moore (Animal Behavioral Specialist, Editor and Author) gives expert video advice on: What items should I pack for my cat when traveling?; What is the best way to feed my cat when I go on vacation? and more...

What items should I pack for my cat when traveling?

When you need to make a road trip with your cat or let's say you are travelling or moving from one part of the country to the next due to a job relocation or something similar, you need to really make sure you're packing with your cat's needs in mind. Firstly they should be in a carrier. The cat should be able to have access to water inside that carrier. They should have also have a little bed in that carrier. You need to have a little bag for your cat in there too, so that you have an extra leash, an extra set of identifications, the right amount of your cat's food supply according to the length of the journey because you don't really want to change your cat's diet while you are transporting your cat from point A to point B. Give them a favorite toy if they have one. You also need to make sure that you put your contact information, your destination, and maybe the hotel you will be staying at somewhere on the carrier. That way if for some reason your cat gets lost or something happens, there are ways to reach you quickly. Finally and most importantly, all cats whether on the go or staying and being homebodies, need to have microchips.

How long can I leave my cat at home when I go on vacation?

We all deserve vacations. When you are planning to go on vacation, the worst thing you can do is simply leave your cat home alone with a big bowl of food and plenty of water. Cats, just like people and dogs, can suffer from separation anxiety if left at home for a long period of time. If they have some kind of need, there will be no-one there to help them with it. So if you're going on vacation, go on vacation and enjoy it with the peace of mind of having hired a professional licensed and bonded pet sitter or having a trusted friend or neighbor who can come by or even house-sit for you. Cats do need interaction with their owner and it's far better and easier to enjoy that trip when you know that there's someone there who can cater to your cat's needs.