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Why should I dress my dog?

Trends In Dog Fashion

Jesse Lirette (Owner, LA Doggie Style) gives expert video advice on: Why should I dress my dog?; Why is it so trendy to dress up dogs?; What dog fashion trends have you seen since you got into this business? and more...

Why should I dress my dog?

Well, that's a personal preference. Some people love dressing their dogs and some people don't dress their dogs. But I think that the dog industry when it comes to trends today, people have a special style, so they're making a statement. It could be a shirt that has a quote or a logo on it, just as you would buy something that's to your taste. So the trend, it's very big, and it's growing in the dog industry. You can buy a coat. You can get a denim jump suit, or you can get a logo t-shirt. And it's made out of all sorts of fabrics. So the trend is growing. A lot of people are jumping on the band wagon for this.

Why is it so trendy to dress up dogs?

Right now it is really hot because there is a lot of, like again, celebrities that are doing it. One being Paris Hilton. Paris Hilton would carry a chihuahua everywhere she was. One of the big things that she did was she put shoes on her dog and that was really kind of a big hype because people saw that and they went out investigating where they could get these shoes. And of course all the pet industry designers jumped on it as well and started producing shoes which has become one of the popular accessory pieces right now in the industry. When you have someone like Paris Hilton who is dressing her dog up in pink little dresses or jewelry or putting shoes on their dogs it is going to set a trend and she is just one of many that is doing that.

I've been in the business about a year and a half and what I've noticed is really materials, the type of materials that clothing is being built out of. I think people are starting to get away from just a standard t-shirt, which is the most popular piece that is sold I think in the industry, with logos and different quotes, which are cute, are ice breakers and things like that. But I think people are starting to step-up and buy a higher quality garments for their dog. They are willing to spend a higher price in fabric‘s if we're spending on a dress for yourself.

What are the hottest clothes people are buying for their dogs?

I think t-shirts and sweaters when it comes to clothing and garments are your hottest sellers in the garment industry for dogs, and designs. Your toy dogs tend to wear more sweaters or high end garments that will match the individual that owns the dog. I think that those are your biggest sellers.

What sort of dog accessories are really hot right now?

I think the dog accessory, collars, are always going to be the biggest seller because now the trend is becoming where people can go to any pet store and find a wide selection of collars. But I think what we offer is something that is really customised, which is to your personality, your taste and also your dog's tastes, because you learn as you have a dog what their taste is as well. It is kind of a hard thing to understand, but when you own a pet and you live with them for such a long time you know what looks good on them and what doesn't look good on them. Your most popular collars, of course, are going to be your nylon and clip-on collars, any kind. Nylon comes in multiple prints, but people now are starting to get into more of the custom studs. Swarovski crystals, high end leathers. The list goes on; anything that is of a high quality. You will start to see this with a lot of our major designers that are getting on the bandwagon as well with this. I mean it is for a very nice collar. It is an investment.

What do you think will be the next big trend in dog fashion?

Some of our top designers are starting to see a big trend. They have done the children's lines, but because of the trend that's happening now, and when I say trend, it's just a way the population is going and what direction they're going into. People are not having the big families that we had in the 40's and 50's. The mid-size family today is one or two at max and some don't even have children their entire life, so they've gone to animals. And animals become their children. And because this is what's happening, the pet industry is booming. So now your designers are starting to realize this is the market that they want to be involved in. And I think that any big designer would be smart to get involved in the pet industry. It doesn't mean they have to do a whole line of clothing, but I do think that they, you're starting to see in some of their stores a jacket or a sweater or a shirt. And they might be singles, they're not a whole line, and then a collar and a leash. These are the essentials to have a pet. And I think in the pet industry, you're starting to see more and more as you enter your Prada and Gucci and Louis Vuitton all these stores you walk in, you're starting to notice that there's a little section off to the side for your loved one.

Do you think dog fashion is just a passing trend?

Absolutely not. I think that it's with us and it's going to be with us for quite a while. I think you're going to see that the pet industry is going to continue to boom. I do believe that, like I said earlier, that pets are becoming a very stable part of a family and I don't see it passing. I don't want it to pass. I need it to stay.