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Do you think there is life in outer space?

UFOs And Alien Life

Franklin Ruehl (Author - Anomalist) gives expert video advice on: Do you think there is life in outer space?; Why haven't we made contact with extraterrestrials?; How do you think extraterrestrials travel? and more...

Do you think there is life in outer space?

My contention is that the universe is literally teaming with life. That life exists on every single planet throughout the cosmos. Now we are not going to find necessarily, English speaking life, or humanoid life on those planets, but on some we will find intelligence.

Why haven't we made contact with extraterrestrials?

Well, first of all, we have an enormous body of UFO reports suggesting that we indeed have made contact with ET's. But, if we were to dismiss all of those, there's always the possibility that ET's actually visited our planet in the distant past before mankind evolved, perhaps during the dinosaur era and found nothing of interest. Or because when we consider how vast the universe is; we're talking about an expanse of twenty billion years of time and perhaps one-hundred and fifty-six billion light years in dimensionality, it's just they haven't reached us yet. But I believe that we possibly have already made contact, based on numerous UFO cases.

How do you think extraterrestrials travel?

Of course there is a problem with interstellar travel of the distances involved. Even travelling at 186,000 miles per hour, the speed of light, it would take decades to travel from one planet to another outside of our solar system. But, they may well have developed technology. For example, we in the lab just recently have been able to exceed the speed of light with photons. Now, that isn't a space ship travelling beyond the speed of light, but societies of thousand or two thousand or ten thousand years older than we are, which is certainly feasible considering the age of the universe, may have found a way to exceed the speed of light and travel at what are called super luminal velocities What we would call warp drive such as on Star Trek. I think it's possible, or they may have other means of travel, teleportation, so they wouldn't have to worry about the limitations of the speed of light.

When did people first see UFO's?

UFO sightings date back to the Biblical era and even beyond that. For example, Tuthmoses III in 1450 BC, the Egyptian Pharaoh, reportedly saw a fleet of UFOs over the Egyptian desert, and may have actually been taken aboard as an abductee. We have many possible Biblical encounters, such as Ezekiel claiming he saw a spacecraft land with four entities that exited, each with four different faces. And of course there's a question of Sampson, the legendary muscleman of the Old Testament. A so-called "Angel" descended from Heaven, we could follow and just say that those Angels may have been ETs. The wife of Minoah, his mother, was sterile, suddenly she was with child. Perhaps some sort of alien in vitro fertilization experiment made her pregnant and he was warned, they warned the mother not to imbibe wine during the period of gestation. That's a warning only issued during that last ten or twenty years by modern obstetricians about how alcohol might adversely affect the foetus. And then this so-called angel ascended into the sky in a flame possibly that was the outgrowth of a space shuttle that was ascending into the air. And of course we know that Sampson had immortal strength, not like other humans. That would certainly indicate that he had a non-human genetic heritage. And then of course his heritage arrived not from... his strength arrived not from his muscles but from his hair so again, possible alien aspects involving Sampson, just one of the early possible UFO encounters.

Do you think extraterrestrials abduct humans?

We have had numerous cases of supposedly alien abduction humans. I have been present during hypnoticregression in a number of them, and while not every case can be believed, it's certainly possible. There's one study by Dr. James Gordon in Washington of UFO abductees who actually suffered, what we call, post traumatic stress, and did not want to talk about these cases. Now, obviously, I have some individuals who claim that they were abducted and taken to another planet. You have to be suspicious of some of these cases, but others sound very real. And ET's might wish to study our biological structure, perhaps extract DNA from the subject's, perhaps control them in some way for some nefarious plots. But I certainly think it's in the realm of feasibility, that some people have been abducted by extraterrestrials.

Why do you think we don't have clear evidence of UFO's?

Well, first of all, I do think we have some clear evidence. There's some excellent video, especially these days with people, not just with camcorders, but with their cell phone video's. The evidence is mounting and there's a lot of, when I say visual evidence; now once in awhile some of this might be fabricated, but I'm very impressed with the evidence that's coming forth from camcorder's. We also may have downed UFO's where we've recovered them or are looking at them at bases, such as Area 51 and Wright Patterson Airforce Base. So, I think there may well be various forms of evidence of UFO's.