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What is fine hair?

Understanding Fine Hair

Robert Steinken (Celebrity Hairstylist) gives expert video advice on: How can I create volume in my fine hair?; Can thickening or volumizing shampoos make my fine hair thicker? and more...

What is fine hair?

Fine hair means the individual hair strand is fine. It's thin. You can have a lot of fine hair, which makes the hair look full, or you can have little of it, fine hair, which makes it look very thin.

How does humidity affect fine hair?

Humidity and fine hair, generally, don't go very well together. Fine hair is generally a little more limp, and humidity pulls it down and makes it look even more limp, so it doesn't hold the style very well. You'll find with hair and any humidity- you're going to want to stay away from any products that are: too heavy on the hair, that weight the hair down, that are too greasy, too oily. You'll probably want to go with minimal product in the hair.

How do dry climates affect fine hair?

Fine hair in dry climates again, is not a great combination. Generally fine hair in a dry climate will make it quite static, like in the winter in heat, dry heat in a room where you get the static on the hair. That is what happens with dry climate and fine hair. If you have fine hair and you are in a dry climate, one of the things to do is put a little product in your hair. Use a mousse. Use a little bit of spray. Blow dry it a bit and then use a very fine oil spray on it. Something that is not going to make your hair heavy but just give it a little bit of control.

What products should I use on my fine hair?

If you have fine hair, you're going to want to use products that are going to give it body, give it bounce, give it life. If you have fine hair, you want to stay away from products that are going to make it limp and heavy. Anything that has too much conditioning in it is not going to be good. You want things that are going to give it volume, give it body. Mousses are great. Styling mousses, volumizing mousses, anything that is like a thickening spray, that's what you're going to want to use If you have fine hair,.

What styles work best for fine hair?

If you have fine Hair and you have a lot of it, you can generally go a little bit longer in the length. If you have fine thin Hair which means you don't have a lot of fine Hair, then it's generally better to go shorter. Hair cuts that have bulk in them, like a blunt cut.