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What is the myth behind Mamma Cass' death?

Urban Myth Celebrity Deaths

Michael Largo (Author) gives expert video advice on: What is the myth behind Mamma Cass' death?; What do people say about Keith Relf's death?; What is the tale behind Janis Joplin's death? and more...

What is the myth behind Mamma Cass' death?

For years, people said that Mamma Cass, since she was overweight, had died choking on a ham sandwich, but that wasn't true. She actually died from a heart attack from fluctuating diets, trying to get down to the image that she thought she should be at.

What do people say about Keith Relf's death?

Keith Relf had held a spot in dedicating guitarists' admiration for a long time. The rumor about his death that he had died while playing electric guitar in the bath tub-now that's dedication. But actually when we looked at the records, he actually died not through playing the guitar in a bath tub but by standing in a puddle in a damp basement.

What is the tale behind Janis Joplin's death?

Janis Joplin is typical of the type of conspiracy theories that form around a dead celebrity when all the facts indicate to the contrary. Everyone pretty much knew that she had died of an overdose of heroin, but right after she died it became a big myth that was done by the CIA. When almost anyone dies, the CIA becomes the big target and I am sure they didn't have on file on the Janis Joplin assassination file. So it seems to be a way to keep the celebrities living longer by making a myth around their death.

Why did people think that Steve Burns had died?

A whole bunch of celebrities are reported dead when they're not, and that becomes another whole level of trying to add something to the media. Steve Burns was the actor on Blues Clues and when he suddenly disappeared as the host on this popular kids show, rumor had it that he had died of a drug overdose. So much so that he had to be taken out of his retirement and made a spot on different talk shows, and he currently is alive and last working in a Shakespearian film last summer.

What myth did people make up about John 'Mikey' Gilchrist?

Mikey likes it was a famous commercial in the sixties that had this kid who couldn't get enough of different cereal. He was a finicky eater and if Mikey liked it, then it was good. So rumor had it on Hoax that he had died from mixing soda and different chocolate cereals and that he was no longer alive. But, in fact, when we looked into the records, he actually is alive and working as, what else, an ad executive!