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How many times should I let someone look around my property?

Viewings For Private Sales

Anthea Masey (Private Sales Expert) gives expert video advice on: How many times should I let someone look around my property?; How should I prepare my home for a viewing?; Is it a good idea to arrange open house viewings? and more...

How many times should I let someone look around my property?

You should let a buyer look around a property as many times as they want to really. I think very few buyers would make an offer on a property unless they had seen it at least twice. But some buyers will want to show it to maybe a mother or a sister before they finally make an offer, so a third or even a fourth viewing might be necessary.

How should I prepare my home for a viewing?

With regards to viewings for private sales, you should prepare your home for a viewing quite carefully. I would say preparing your house for viewing is one of the very first things you should consider, even before you think about putting your house on the market. There are some very simple things you can do when preparing your house, like make sure the front garden looks tidy. If the front door looks mucky, give it another coat of paint because, after all, first impressions count. One of the golden rules is to de-clutter your house. People don't want to see all your kinds of knick knacks and the spoils of your travels, so the best thing is to gather them all together and put them in a box. If you haven't got storage for them get a temporary self storage unit. You won't have to pay for this storage very long, because hopefully, with a well prepared house and therefore successful sales campaign, you would have sold your house very quickly.

What's the best way of conducting a first viewing?

With regards to viewings for private sales, the best way of conducting a first viewing is to be friendly and business-like. You don't want to engage in too much chatter chatter with buyers at this stage because they're not particularly interested in the personal details of your life. Therefore just keep it simple, straightforward and business-like during your first viewing of the house.

How should I show people around my home?

With regards to viewings for private sales and showing people around your house, there are some important rules. I think it's important to take a look at your house and decide which the really special rooms are. Quite often that's the kitchen, if you don't have a lovely kitchen; it may be your sitting room. Therefore show these people these rooms first. It is also very important when showing your property not to go into the room first. It's for you to open the door, them to lead through the room and then you follow them. That is one of the golden rules. Finally, show them the lesser rooms and at the end of the viewing and then take them to the high points of the house again.

How long does a viewing last?

I think that can be as long as a peice of string and it also depends on how keen people are in the house. If people love the house they will want to go around it several times. The first time they will probably go around it with you and then if they look very keen you might want to say, "we'll, you know, let me sit down and have a cup of coffee and you look around on your own to have a look at the house." That is quite a good sign but people who are in and house can be in and out in a couple of minutes and there is a sure sign that they are not interested.

Should I let buyers look around my property on their own?

There's no reason why you shouldn't let buyers look around your property on their own. But I would suggest that the first viewing you do with the buyer, you show the buyer your house because then you are able to point out all the positive points of the house. But then, if they want to then look around on their own, I think it's a very good idea to let them do so because then they can take their time. If they're coming with another person, they can chat about the good things that they like and they can chat about the things that they don't like and they can have a little bit of a poke-around. I think that's a good idea because it gives people confidence that you're not hiding anything.

A prospective buyer has asked for a second viewing of my property - what does this mean?

With regards to viewings for private sales, when a prospective buyer of a property asks for a second viewing it is a very good sign indeed. It means that they're more than keen if they're prepared to come around a second time. After all, it often takes time out of work, they have to make an appointment and they've got to make a journey to the house. Therefore it is a very good sign if the prospective buyer asks for a second viewing.

What's the best way of conducting a second viewing?

The best way of conducting a second viewing is with enthusiasm. Because after all, if they're coming back to see the house a second time, it does mean they're keen. It's time to relax a little bit, be a little bit more chatty. Try and elicit a little bit of information about what their position is. Have they sold their own house? Are they in rented accomodation? Or are they potential time-wasters, because they haven't even yet put their house on the market? If you've prepared your dossier of information, on a house extension for example, you might want to say, "Do you want to see the plans for the extension of the house that we did?" So there's lots of information at this stage, if they're looking really interested, that you might want to share with them. At this stage, often a cup of coffee is a nice thing to do, and a biscuit. Just generally be welcoming.

Is it a good idea to arrange open house viewings?

With regards to viewings for private sales, it can be a good idea to arrange open house viewings, especially if your house is a little special with something that really makes your house stand up, perhaps it has architectural merit or you've got a particularly special garden. Open house viewings are really a very good way of getting people to perhaps come longs distances to see your house. It's a good way of getting quite a lot of people through your house in a short space of time. However, I understand that open house viewings can be a really wearing day so you should be warned that it can be quite tiring.