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How important is my relationship with my wedding cake decorator?

Wedding Cakes-Dozens Of Choices

Abbey Zegar (Executive Pastry Chef, Sugar & Spice Cakes) gives expert video advice on: How can I decide how big my wedding cake should be?; If I freeze my wedding cake before the wedding, will it affect the taste?; What types of wedding cake need to be refrigerated? and more...

How important is my relationship with my wedding cake decorator?

Your relationship to your wedding cake decorator is very important. They are taking your ideas to put on a cake that's made especially for you, on your most special day. They're looking at your ideas, the colors, the theme of your wedding and trying to come up with a cake that will be made specifically for your occasion.

When should I order my wedding cake?

It varies, but you should order your wedding cake at least three months in advance, or six months for the very busy wedding months. If your wedding is in June or July, you should order by January at least.

When should I choose the style of my wedding cake?

It's best to start considering the style of your wedding cake after you've chosen the reception site and the style of your wedding. For example, if you are having your wedding at the beach, we would incorporate a beach theme to your cake: seashells, rocks, or even a sand castle on your wedding cake.

The most popular style of wedding cake today is tiered or stacked with a basic ribbon around the cake to emphasize the color, style and theme of your wedding. It is very simple, with a bunch of flowers to highlight the cake.

If I freeze my wedding cake before the wedding, will it affect the taste?

Some bakers freeze wedding cakes because they have a lot of design to do on the cake. I don't like freezing wedding cakes because it does affect the taste of the cake after it's been thawed and presented at the reception.

How many tiers are in a traditional wedding cake?

Traditionally, wedding cakes have three tiers: a small one, a medium, and a large. The tiers are usually covered by buttercream, royal icing, or fondant.

How many layers are in each tier of a traditional wedding cake?

A traditional wedding cake usually has 2 layers within the tier, but depending on your baker, that can go up to 3 or 4, with filling in the middle.

Stacked wedding cakes are becoming more and more popular with brides, but you still see the traditional tiered look with fresh flowers in between each tier.

What types of wedding cake need to be refrigerated?

The types of wedding cakes that need to be refrigerated are ones filled with fresh fruit or wedding cakes that are iced with whipped cream. If you don't refrigerate these kind of cakes, they will melt and your decoration will fall apart. Unless you're in a room that's 72 degrees or lower, I wouldn't recommend having a whipped cream icing cake in the room for more than two or three hours.

What types of wedding cake will fall apart in the sun?

The types of wedding cakes that will fall apart in the sun are anything made with whipped cream, or filled with fresh fruit and whipped cream, because the sun tends to melt the decorations away and you would be left with a cake that's not very pleasing to the eyes.

What is the worst wedding cake disaster you have ever seen?

The worst wedding cake disaster I've ever experienced was driving a fondant cake to a reception already stacked together. I should have separated them and on the way and then put it together on the way there, because what happened was on the way there was that the cake totally fell apart. The top layer was smashed. When I got there, I had to reassemble the wedding cake practically from scratch. But with my experience the cake turned out rather well. I had extra fondant with me, so it was covered up very nicely and you couldn't tell that the cake had an accident on the way to the wedding.