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When should I mail my save the date card?

Wedding Invitation Assembly And Mailing

Amy Suddleson (Wedding Invitation Specialist) gives expert video advice on: When should I mail my wedding invitations? and more...

When should I mail my save the date card?

Save the date cards should be mailed out at least four months before the wedding date.

When should I mail my wedding invitations?

Traditionally, wedding invitations are sent out six weeks prior to the date. However, these days, most brides are sending them out six to eight weeks prior.

What are enclosures in a wedding invitation?

Enclosures consist of insert cards that are put inside the invitation. Often they will be direction cards, reception cards, and response cards.

In what order should I place enclosures in my invitation?

When putting enclosures in your invitation, you rank them by importance. The least important would be on top; that would be the response card. Underneath that, you would have the direction or reception card, and then the invitation.

Should envelopes look hand addressed in calligraphy?

Your addressed envelopes should absolutely look as if they were done via hand calligraphy.

Are labels considered tacky?

Address labels are absolutely considered tacky on wedding invitations.