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Wedding Ring Types

Wedding Ring Types

John Cordova (Vice President of Human Resources, Robbins Bros.) gives expert video advice on: Are there any rules defining a wedding band?; What is a 'comfort fit' wedding ring?; What is a 'flat band' wedding ring? and more...

Are there any rules defining a wedding band?

There are no rules that define a wedding band, other than wearing it next to the engagement ring on the engagement ring finger. Anything, any ring, any style that is worn in that capacity can be considered a wedding band.

What is a 'comfort fit' wedding ring?

A 'comfort fit' ring is a ring that has an oval cross-section. In most cases a ring has a flat interior or an interior that's ajouled out, which means hollowed out. A 'comfort fit' ring is not that way. In fact, its contour is opposite of the flat ring. The benefit of having a 'comfort fit' ring is that over time, it doesn't wear away, whereas a ring that has a flat interior tends to wear and may have some sharp edges occur over time.

What is a 'flat band' wedding ring?

A 'flat band' wedding ring is a ring that is a wedding band that is flat on top. It actually has no oval or no design to it, other than a flat, if you think of a pipe, for example, some of the 'flat band' ring designs are called pipe rings, for that purpose, and for that reason.

What is a 'half-round' wedding ring?

The 'half-round' wedding ring is generally referring to a solitaire wedding ring and it's one of the more classic and traditional styles. If you imagine a half rounded top with a diamond sitting on top of it, that's what you get when you have a 'half-round' wedding ring.