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Where is the body kept before the funeral takes place?

What To Do Before The Funeral

Dom Maguire (Funeral Director) gives expert video advice on: Where is the body kept before the funeral takes place?; What is embalming?; Are we allowed to see the deceased before the funeral takes place? and more...

Where is the body kept before the funeral takes place?

With regards of what to do before a funeral, if someone dies in the family home, the body would normally be removed to the funeral directors premises. If someone dies in hospital, then the normal practice is that that person would be removed to the hospital mortuary facility, and after that, the body taken to the funeral director's.

What is embalming?

Embalming is the way in which funeral directors will temporarily preserve the remains of a deceased person. It is carried out by a simple injection into the arterial system of the deceased. And it leaves them in a life-like, with a normal paler, normal coloring, and very peaceful.

Is a body always embalmed?

With regards to before a funeral, a body is not normally embalmed. The funeral director ought to have permission from the family before embalming takes place. Normally a person would only be embalmed if the intention of the family is that they're coming to pay the respects to the deceased with an open coffin, if the deceased is going to lie in church, or if the body is going to lie in the family home.

Why would I have the body embalmed?

A person's body may be embalmed if it's the intention of the family to come to the chapel of rest to pay their last respects, or perhaps to have the remains taken back to the family home to rest before the funeral. Sometimes if the deceased has been taken into a church for a service in the church, it may be necessary to embalm the body.

Are we allowed to see the deceased before the funeral takes place?

With regards to before the funeral, you are able to see the deceased before the funeral takes place. The deceased person belongs to the family, and if the family requests to see the deceased, then of course they can. However, there may be circumstances. Perhaps the deceased died as a result of an accident or some form of tragedy, in which case the funeral director will always advise as to what they thought was prudent.

What is a wake?

A wake is a gathering of family and friends who come together at the time of the funeral, perhaps the day before the funeral or perhaps after the funeral is over, to reminisce, to have some refreshments, and to recall happier times.

Where is a wake held?

The wake may be held perhaps in the family home, or sometimes in a pub or a restaurant after the funeral has taken place.

Should I visit the family before the funeral?

This is an area where you have to be particularly careful. Sometimes families want to be left alone; they really don't want any intrusion from visitors. Other families welcome folk to the family home. You will get an indication I'm sure, from other people and other friends, whether or not the family are willing to receive visitors.

Should I send flowers to the funeral?

With regards of what to do before a funeral, only in some parts of the United Kingdom families welcome flowers at a funeral. In other parts, families decline flowers and prefer that only family floral tributes will be sent to the funeral. Increasingly, we notice that more and more families are asking that instead of flowers, that a donation is merged, geared to perhaps a childhood or some form of medical research.