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What is the one thing I might wear that will keep me from getting into a hot bar or club?

What To Wear To A Hot Spot: Women

Galina Liss (Galina Liss) gives expert video advice on: What is the one thing I might wear that will keep me from getting into a hot bar or club?; Is it better to overdress or underdress when going to a hot spot?; How do I look hot, but not slutty, when getting dressed to go to a cool bar or club? and more...

What is the one thing I might wear that will keep me from getting into a hot bar or club?

If you were a hot girl, your chances of getting in a hot spot are pretty high as long as you know the right people. If you're a hot girl, that shouldn't be a problem. One of the things that would keep you out of a club is if maybe you were wearing something completely super baggy that makes you look a lot bigger than you normally would be. Generally, hot women do not have problems.

Is it better to overdress or underdress when going to a hot spot?

If you are a girl, I don't think there is such thing as overdressing. The great thing is you can put on jeans and a pair of heels and you are fine. You can wear a beautiful dress. Beautiful women can wear whatever they want. They'll look great in it.

Will dressing slutty get me into a hot night club?

Slutty could get you in a club. You might not get all the respect in the world, but if that is what you want, then go with it.

What kinds of clothes will help me fit in at a hot spot?

You can't go wrong with jeans. Any wealth that are designer jeans can compliment pretty much anybodys shape. So you really can't go wrong with jeans in heals if you're a girl, and a cute top. Also, there are a lot of flattering A-line dresses that you can get anywhere on Melrose, or any boutique store, or any mall that pretty much fits any body type extremely well. So that would be a great bet for a girl. And generally in New York, I would suggest dressing up more, just because New York is more formal and people tend to dress up more. Which is nice. And in Vegas, since people are just there to just have an amazing time, I would suggest dressing, I guess more fun. And I guess where you want to end up that night.

What kinds of clothes will make me look like a tourist at a hot spot?

Basically, you can tell a tourist from a mile away if they are wearing just completely dated clothes, like a florescent green t-shirt that says “I love L.A.” with their fanny pack and their tube socks. They just stand out a mile away. Even in Europe you can tell who the Americans are because they are wearing the shorts, and the tube socks, and the hat, and the t-shirt. I can spot them in an instant. Also, a tip for women is if you've never been out in a big city before, don't come in your prom dress. You might see stars in the fashion magazines with their beautiful designer gowns, but that's because they are going to the Oscars or a big special event. If you are just going out on the town to a normal club or restaurant, yes you can dress up, but not like you're going to the Oscars or with pantyhose.

Should I wear a dress or pants to a hot spot?

You could wear a dress or a pants to a hot spot, depending on weather. Usually it's nice, sometimes it is windy at night, so you might want to wear pants. It just depends on your mood.

Is it OK to wear shorts to a hot spot?

Generally if you are a girl, yes, shorts are a very good, hip trend right now. The short shorts make your legs look long, especially with the right heels. Girls can pull that off.

What kind of shoes should I wear to a hot spot?

Generally, heels make any legs look very good. There's a reason why people wear heels on the catwalk and at special events all the time. Its because it makes your legs look longer and leaner, and just better all around. So you can't go wrong with heels.

What kind of bag should I bring to a hot spot?

It depends on the outfit you are wearing. Designer bags are usually good. If you are going to be dancing and moving around a lot, maybe a smaller purse is better, for instance one of those big, huge hall-ball bags.

Should I wear a coat to a hot spot?

Yeah, you can wear a coat to a hot spot if you have a great outfit underneath. You can definitely coat check. LA generally does not have coat checks, so you might want to leave the coat in the car.

Do I have to wear all black to fit in at a hot spot?

Well black is a very slimming color so if you are worried about your weight or how you are going to look in a certain outfit black is always a very safe choice to go because it just makes everyone look slimmer especially if you're on TV. I mean you can wear whatever color you like to as long as you look good in it. Especially summer dresses come in pretty much any hue. If you don't wear black you will not stick out like a tourist, you can basically wear what ever color of your choice, of your mood, whatever matches your eyes.