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What are 'built-in crinolines' in wedding gowns?

What You Need To Know About Wedding Gowns

Sally Grigsby (Owner of Belle Bridal) gives expert video advice on: What are 'built-in crinolines' in wedding gowns?; What does it mean to 'bustle' a wedding gown?; What is a 'temple-ready' wedding gown? and more...

What are 'built-in crinolines' in wedding gowns?

A built-in crinoline in a wedding gown is the petticoat that is under the skirt of the dress. It is built-in, in order to hold the hem of the gown out at just the right point for the style. And also, if the gown is beaded at the hem, it will show off the beading accordingly.

What does it mean to 'bustle' a wedding gown?

The 'bustling' of a wedding gown is very important, and what it means to bustle a wedding gown is the train of the dress will be hooked up in some fashion after your ceremony so that you have ease and comfort of movement for your reception. And there are two typical ways of bustling a gown. One is the traditional bustle, which hooks up on the outside of the gown, and a French bustle ties up underneath of the gown.

What is a 'temple-ready' wedding gown?

A temple-ready wedding gown is a modest gown, and it is specifically used where there are religious concerns to be accommodated. Typically the temple-ready gown is going to have a higher cut neckline than the normal bridal gown, and most often also will have a sleeve. It may be a cup sleeve but it is important to have the shoulders and most of the neck covered.

What is the wedding gown 'silhouette'?

The wedding gown silhouette is the most important aspect of a wedding gown. Because there are many different silhouettes available, and different silhouettes suit different figures. A shift gown is typically a slimmer silhouette. And then a ball gown has the largest skirts.

What is an 'A-line' or 'princess' wedding gown silhouette?

An A-line wedding gown is the most flattering gown that a girl could wear, because it typically balances out the figure, and the skirt literally comes out in an A shape. It is also sometimes called a princess line, but in fact the princess line refers to the seam lines down through the front of the bodice. These are princess seams that give the shape of an A-line. When a gown is cut with princess seams, typically it becomes an A-line gown.

What is a 'ball gown' wedding gown silhouette?

A ball gown wedding gown silhouette is the fullest skirt that you can wear. Typically with a ball gown, you will have several layers of toile or crinolyn under the gown already built into the dress and you may wish to add a petticoat to give you even more fullness. This is a very flattering style. It is a little bit difficult to maneuver in a gown this big unless your venue is a larger venue, that is a large church or a reception site where you have plenty of room to move in the gown.

What is a 'mermaid' wedding gown silhouette?

A mermaid wedding gown silhouette is slim fitting, all the way through the body down to just above the knee, and then it flares out at the hem. It is the most difficult gown to wear. It does not give you easy freedom of movement. However they are very flattering and very glamorous and many girls love the mermaid silhouette.

What is a 'sheath' wedding gown silhouette?

The sheath wedding gown silhouette is a straight gown. It is the straightest gown you will encounter. It does have a little bit of fullness at the hem in order for you to walk or possibly a slit at the back of the gown. Again this will give you some freedom of movement. But it is a very restrictive style of gown once again.

What is an 'empire waistline' wedding gown silhouette?

An empire waistline is where the waistline is just under the bust. Typically when there's an empire waistline you will often find the dress flowing from that point. This is a particularly good silhouette for a pregnant bride, for instance, but not just a pregnant bride because it is very fashionable again for this season and probably into next year also, as it's a very comfortable and easy style to wear.

What is a 'fit-and-flare' wedding gown silhouette?

Fit- and- flare or a trumpet silhouette is something that has really become very popular for the first time this year. It is very much like a mermaid, and can be technically referred to as a mermaid style. The different thing in this wedding dress is that the flare comes out from a low drop waist, so therefore it is higher than a mermaid. This enables you to walk much more easily. You have much more freedom of movement in fit-and-flare, and yet you have a figure-hugging attributes to a mermaid gown.

What is an 'empire' wedding gown waistline?

An empire waistline is just under the bust. It very often means that the dress is not fitted below that seam line; although not always. In some cases it is just there as a design feature. And it is a very flattering line for a shorter girl. So if you are petite it will elongate your body.

What is an 'natural' wedding gown waistline?

A natural waistline hits exactly on your natural waist which is the smallest part of you. And, this is the waistline that will be very flattering on a body that is a very long torso. To be clear, just make them look more proportion and not quite a long waist.

What is a 'dropped' wedding gown waistline?

A dropped waistline is a very flattering waistline, and a lot of bridal gowns are now showing this feature. It elongates the body. It makes us all look a little bit taller. It also allows more room on the gown for bead-work and/or other details, like ruching and so on. It's a very popular style for bridal gowns.