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How long before my wedding should I order my gown?

When To Order Your Wedding Gown

Sally Grigsby (Owner of Belle Bridal) gives expert video advice on: How long before my wedding should I order my gown?; How do I get a gown if I have less than six months before my wedding?; What does a 'rush' cut mean when ordering my wedding gown? and more...

How long before my wedding should I order my gown?

The optimum period for ordering a wedding gown should be between six and eight months. It is not unusual for brides to order their wedding gown a whole year before their actual wedding date.

What does a 'rush' cut mean when ordering my wedding gown?

A "rush" cut means that your wedding gown will be manufactured in a shorter time frame than a normal wedding gown. And the manufacturer interrupts his normal cutting schedule in order to put your gown through as a priority. Typically, you will pay extra money for a "rush" cut and you are paying it as a penalty payment in order for the manufacturer to rush your dress through as a priority. It will vary from one designer to another, but depends on how quickly your dress needs to be made, fabrics are not typically affected, but some style features may be. You will not typically be able to make changes to a gown that's ordered on a "rush" cut, but you may not be able to order a gown with a hollow-to-hem measurement if it's ordered on a "rush" cut. So, in other words, it will be a standard, manufactured gown.

Will ordering my wedding gown with a rush status affect the way my gown is made?

Typically it does not affect the way the gown is made, but you may have fewer choices. You may have to order exactly how the gown is shown as it's sampled.

How much more does rush wedding gown delivery cost?

A rush wedding gown delivery is going to vary in cost between one manufacturer or designer and another. If the time for the manufacturing process is considerably short, then it will cost you more money, then if you have a few more weeks that you can allow.

How long does it take to order a wedding gown?

The normal ordering period for a wedding gown should be twelve to sixteen weeks. Most often, gowns take the full sixteen weeks to actually be made. Therefore, you must allow time on top of that for shipping and for alterations.

How long will most gown manufacturers take to make my wedding dress?

Again, most manufacturers would take a full sixteen weeks to make your gown. In some cases, it may be longer. It is always better to use your time wisely when you're ordering a wedding gown.

How long should I allow for my wedding gown alterations?

Typical wedding gown alterations take between six and eight weeks. You should allow a minimum of eight weeks during the busy summer months when the alterationists are working on a number of gowns. If it is a winter wedding, you may be able to have your gown altered in less time but you should always allow six to eight weeks as a minimum.

What are the advantages of ordering my wedding dress a year in advance?

There are many advantages in ordering your gown a year in advance of your wedding. Typically, the gown is the most important item that you have to purchase for your wedding and, of course, it may be the focal point apart from your venue. It will help you make a lot of other decisions including the rest of your bridal party, your tuxedos, your bridesmaids, the mother of the bride and groom's outfits, as these can all revolve around the wedding gown. It will also help you choose your flowers and your linens.