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What makes women decide to propose?

When Women Propose

John Cordova (VP, Human Resources, Robbins Bros.) gives expert video advice on: What makes women decide to propose?; Should a woman who is proposing have a ring?; Should a woman get down on one knee when proposing to a man? and more...

What makes women decide to propose?

Actually, there are a lot of things that can make a woman decide to propose. Maybe it's simply taking too long. Maybe she wants to take charge and feels like the moment is right and knows that this is the guy for her. And that's when they propose. So, really, it's not any different than when a guy decides he wants to propose.

Should a woman who is proposing have a ring?

When a woman is proposing, yes, she should have a ring. She should pick out a ring that's going to fit the guy, his style, and she should propose with a ring.

Should a woman get down on one knee when proposing to a man?

Now the role of getting down on one knee is traditionally saved for the man. But in some cases when it's appropriate, the woman can get down on one knee. But there are so many other ways for a woman to propose that really that's not always necessary.

What are some inexpensive ways women can propose to men?

Similar to men, there are many ways a woman can propose in an inexpensive manner. Simply at a dinner, at the beach, at sunset, at dawn, at a breakfast at the park. Some unusual ways that he's not expecting it don't always have to be expensive they can just be simple, traditional and something that he'll never forget.

What are some elaborate ways women can propose to men?

There are a lot of elaborate ways for a woman to propose to a man. We've had women go on skydiving trips for the first time with their boyfriends and propose then. We've had them go on a hunting trip. We had a couple actually go on safari in Africa, and she proposed on the back of one of those trucks where they're watching wildlife with a bunch of other tourists. So there's a lot of different ways and it's really left up to the woman's imagination.

What are some funny ways women can propose to men?

The funniest female woman proposal to a man I've heard ever happened about two or three Halloweens ago. The couple went to a party in kind of reverse dress. She was dressed as a man, and he was dressed as a really ugly woman. In the middle of the Halloween Party, she had the music turned on, and the lights came up in this darkened house. She got on one knee and proposed in a fake deep voice, like a man would to him. It was really neat. He loved it, and the crowd went crazy.

What is your favorite story of a woman proposing?

I think my favourite story of a woman proposing is actually what took place when a woman proposed back. The young man had worked really, really hard to make sure that the proposal was perfect, and when he asked her she hesitated and wasn't really sure and gave the answer back a few days later, and you can imagine how he felt that whole time. Well she knew in her heart from the beginning that this is the guy she wanted to marry, she just wasn't sure if the timing was right. So after she decided to say yes, she went back and took him to dinner and professed her love and proposed back to him right there at the dinner table with the maitre 'd holding a dessert tray. And to me that's the best story of all because it came from the heart.

How can women propose back?

A woman proposing happens sometimes, what happens a lot more often is when the woman proposes back. What I mean by that is a woman will get proposed to, the guy will do the on bended knee traditional thing and she'll cry and she'll say yes. At a later date she'll come in on her own and she'll choose a wedding band with the help of one of our experts. And then she'll set up a dinner and we can help her through perfect proposals and we've done that in the past. And at dinner a conversation will begin and she'll say something like, "Remember when you asked me that question, will I marry you. I gave you the wrong response". And he'll get a little suspicious and she'll whip out a box with a ring in it and she'll say, "My response should have been yes and will you marry me back?" and put the ring on his finger. And we've heard that happen a lot and those couples come in and they can't wait to tell us that story. That's something that a guy would brag about for years to come.

What additional factors should women consider before proposing?

The factors a women should consider before proposing or no different than everything a man should consider before proposing. What are the things that he talks about that would make a perfect proposal? What are the things he loves? How is he going to feel when he knows that you're the one doing the proposal and not him. Is he a guy that's open to that kind of thing?, and these are the things that you should consider. But you're going to know the answers to that better than anyone else. Because by this time, you know each other so well, that you really know what's the right thing to do.