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What parts of the body can one shave?

Where To Shave

Danielle Malka (Shaving Expert ) gives expert video advice on: What parts of the body can one shave?; What parts of the face can one shave?; What parts of the body should never be shaved? and more...

What parts of the body can one shave?

Any part of the body can be shaved. The only thing I would not recommend shaving is a woman shaving their face. At one point there was some conversations about that, that it is great to exfoliate, but I do not recommend it. Women don't try to shave your face whatever they tell you! And men, you can shave everything if you want to.

What parts of the face can one shave?

When it comes to the face, I'm just thinking about this now, you don't want to shave your eyebrows because it's a lot easier to define a good line of the eyebrow with waxing or with plucking, versus shaving it. So I would say my personal preference is don't shave your eyebrow no matter what. And if you're a woman, don't shave your face.

What parts of the body should never be shaved?

I cannot think of any.

What are some tips for shaving in unusual places?

There is one rule that is a must not to get razor burn, or not to get ingrown hairs, and that is to shave with the grain. That is for most part, for the face and the body. Again, I'll come back to women. Women can get away with shaving their legs and not have any problems, it's because the skin on the lower leg is quite thick so it can take that abuse and not become an issue. But, generally speaking, wherever your skin is soft and tender, and the hair is course, you definitely want to shave with the rule of thumb - shave with the grain.

What shaving areas require two people?

To shave your back. If you want to shave your back, it's quite difficult to reach every area of your back unless you are very flexible. But even if you very flexible it's quite an exercise. You'll rather have somebody else to do for you. For example, if you take swimmers, they shave the whole body, including the back. I'm sure that having somebody to shave your back makes it easier for you.