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Why would a man want to date younger women?

Why And How To Date Younger Women

R Don Steele (Author, "How To Date Young Women") gives expert video advice on: Why would a man want to date younger women?; Why would young women want to date older men?; What does 'women choose' mean? and more...

Why would a man want to date younger women?

The reason most men want to date young women is because they are the most attractive, most exciting, most fertile, which is evolutions and they make you feel alive down to your toes just by talking to you.

Why would young women want to date older men?

Women are attracted to older men because older men are powerful, just by being older they know what they are doing, they know a lot about sex, they know a lot about women, they know how to have a good time other than drinking beer and four wheeling.

What does 'women choose' mean?

In all my books I talk about the concept "women choose". Women are females and in all the mammals in all the world, females choose which males they're going to mate with. And I stress in my books that the woman has to be interested in you. It doesn't do you any good to walk over there if she's not interested in you. So no matter what you think men, women choose.

How common is dating younger women?

Dating young women has gone on since the beginning of time. Young women are the most desirable and they go with the most powerful men - it's always been that way, it is that way, and it will always be that way. Currently we have older men such as Hugh Heffner dating anybody they want because they're rich and powerful, and we have Ted Kennedy recently was dating anybody he wanted to and we even have older women dating younger women. Martina Navratilova and Billie Jean King come to mind.

Is dating younger women universally accepted?

Dating younger women is accepted everywhere except the United States and Canada. Mediterranean countries, especially France, Italy, Greece, older men and younger women are very common, and in Asia it is extremely common. In India all marriages are arranged between older men and younger women

Are all younger women created equal?

Age difference in women is a big deal and young women in my book is 18 to 24, then we have 25 to 29, then we have 30 to 34, 35 to 40. These are not my age brackets this is what society teaches them and the way they see themselves. So when I tell you to start at the top of the age ladder and the bottom of the beauty scale let's say 30 to 34. You're going to find women that are much different than 35 and up year olds, they still see themselves as young but they're radically different than 25 to 29 year olds. Breaking a 30 year old barrier is a big deal because, these women society has taught them 30 years old, you're an old lady, you're not married yet, there's something wrong with you. So 27 year old is probably the toughest age for you as you move down the age ladder. She's very young in her outlook on life, she still parties, she still smokes dope, she still has a good time, she enjoys life, and if she's never been married, she's maybe not thinking about it yet. As you move closer down 24 year olds, that's the top of the centerfold. 18 to 24 centerfold. 24 year olds are relatively mature and they still like to have a good time and they enjoy partying. If they've never been married, they're interested in getting married but it's not a big deal to them. As you move a little bit further down, 22 has all the joy of the youth and very few disadvantages of women who are 22.

Are any younger women out of the question?

29-year-old women are very difficult because they're agonizing over the equivalent of a male's midlife crisis. They are about to turn 30, so it gets very complicated. When you talk to her she goes, "am I that old?" and you're forty-something talking to her.

What problems can arise when dating younger women?

Some of the problems that arise when dating a young woman are that your male friends are extremely envious and jealous, and they try to sabotage you and ruin it quickly. With a young woman, she's immature, and if you are not willing to put up with some of the flakiness and whimsical behaviour, it is going to be a very short-lived relationship. Men bring into the relationship that they want things to be simple, rational, and linear. Young women want to be spontaneous, and sometimes this causes problems. It never caused a problem with me, but many men have written to me about it, and asked, "What do I do about her flakiness?" I say, dig it. The difference in age causes a difference in values, and a difference in interests. Older men, like me, for example--my young wife likes to go to rock concerts. She likes AC/DC music, and she even likes some hip-hop, whereas, I'm an eighties kind of guy. I like to dance. Other problems around the difference in age come up when you are trying to work out what the future holds. When you are fifty and she is thirty, you are going to be dead in twenty years, and she is going to be marrying somebody else someday, so you have to think about the long-range, and talk about it, once the relationship gets going.

What are some reasons not to date younger women?

Some reasons not to date younger women -- trying to prove you're still a man, trying to recover your lost youth, or hurting your ex-wife. Those are futile. You are still a man, your youth can never be recovered, and if you're worried about the ex-wife, you're never going to get anywhere with young women. You have to be done with that business.

Can a relationship with a younger woman last?

A relationship with a young woman can last as long as it lasts. Most young women when they go out with an older man, you're just a fling, you're just a toy, you're just something to do until mister right comes along. Don't take it personally when it's over. However, if you fall in love, as I did many times, she's going to break your heart. There's nothing that can be done about that, she's going to move on and go on down the road because her life is ahead of her and your life is behind you. So you need to understand that going in. I was 53 when I met Joanna and she was 19, I'm 67 now, she's 33 and we're still together. I attribute that to many, many, many bad mistakes I made in the past and have learned from them. I also attribute it to her intelligence and her willingness to understand this is tough. Most relationships don't last, most marriages in America is nine years, death or divorce. So people are always asking me, "But it can't last", I say enjoy it, let it be what it is, live for today, you don't know what's coming around the bend tomorrow and neither does she.