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Are expensive wines always better than cheap ones?

Wine Quality

Matt Harris (Wine Expert) gives expert video advice on: Are expensive wines always better than cheap ones?; Which wines are a good investment? and more...

Are expensive wines always better than cheap ones?

In terms of wine quality, the argument that expensive wines are always better than cheaper ones is very debatable. I think the argument would have to be that sometimes an expensive wine is expensive because of supply and demand and that everybody has their own tastes, therefore sometimes a cheap wine might suit one person's palette and an expensive wine might suit somebody else's.

Are well-known brands better than smaller producers?

When it comes to wine quality I wouldn't say that branded lines are better than smaller producers. I think it's just that people feel safe buying a brand that they know, and therefore they will always buy that brand, so they know what wine they're getting. But sometimes it's better for people to perhaps broaden their horizons and try new wines.

Are old wines always better than young ones?

With wine quality, old wines are not always better than young ones. Some young wines are actually better drunk in their youth, such as beaujolais, for instance. Some people don't like the sort of older, more savory, woody flavors of an old wine. So it's, again, down to everybody's individual wine tastes.

Is wine a good investment?

Wine can be a good investment, but you have to buy it at the very highest level for it to give you a decent return. The best way to look at investing in wine is investing in your own drinking.