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What did it feel like to hear 'you're hired' from Donald Trump?

Working For Donald Trump

Stefanie Schaeffer (Winner, NBC's "The Apprentice" Season 6) gives expert video advice on: What did it feel like to hear 'you're hired' from Donald Trump?; Where you nervous to speak to Donald on your first day?; What does Donald Trump's hair really look like? and more...

What did it feel like to hear 'you're hired' from Donald Trump?

Well you know the amazing thing is I never heard him say “you're hired”. I just saw James' face and James realized that he wasn't hired and I didn't even hear it over the crowd. So, but once I realized I had been hired, I was absolutely shocked, and I think it's evident on television that I didn't expect it, I was just, I was shocked. And then elated of course, but shock was the initial reaction, "like oh no, what am I going to do now, I'm actually the apprentice and I think I need to quit my job and”, my mind was racing. But it was really a great honor.

Where you nervous to speak to Donald on your first day?

No. Donald Trump is a lot like my father, in terms of the personality type. He comes off, or at least I should say people perceive him to be, very intimidating. My dad is a lot like him, in that way, the same mannerisms, the same very matter-of-fact contemplative personality. And I'm not put off by that at all, so it didn't make me nervous, the way it maybe made some of the other contestants nervous. And maybe that's why I ultimately won, maybe that's why I relate to him well, I'm not sure. But no, I don't find him intimidating or difficult to talk to. It was surprisingly easy.

What does Donald Trump's hair really look like?

Exactly how you see it on television. He's known for his hair. It's real, it's his hair, that's all Mr. Trump.

Is Donald Trump intimidating in real life?

I can see where people would find him intimidating. I personally don't. I look up to him because I feel that I can learn a lot from him, and maybe because I have a working relationship with him and having been through filming, and I don't see him that way. So to me no, he's not intimidating, I find him to be quite pleasant.

How much close contact do you have with Donald Trump?

It could be by e-mail. It could be by phone. There could be days I don't speak with him at all and days I speak with him a lot. It just depends on what issues come up and what we're dealing with, what his travel schedule is and mine. But, I never know, so I keep my Blackberry attached to my hip and I might be grocery shopping, it might be five in the morning. I could get a call at any time, and it's, “Hello, it's Mr. Trump.”

Has Donald given you any words of inspiration?

I sent him an email, and Mr. Trump is a little old fashioned. He does not do email. His assistant Rona will print your email, send it to Mr. Trump. She will put it on his desk and he will read through it and amazingly for the amount of mail he gets, and I have seen his desk. It is stacks of paper work. He goes through every piece of paper. He really looks at everything. So when he came across my first email, he wrote on it, "Great job Stephanie. You will be fantastic." He signed it with this huge signature, Donald Trump and mailed it to me in a gold envelope. And when I received it, I thought oh my god I am fired. I have not been around long enough to screw up. What is going on? So he does give a lot of feedback. He is very positive, very encouraging. Not at all what I expected.