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How many young athletes are using steroids?

Young Athletes On Steroids

Michael O'Hearn (American Gladiator) gives expert video advice on: How many young athletes are using steroids?; Are steroids easy for young athletes to get?; How can we keep kids from doing steroids? and more...

How many young athletes are using steroids?

Yeah, there's young athletes using it from high school on. Growing up in the fitness industry, I've seen kids that were at the Teenage America when I did that, Teenage Nationals. I was sixteen, seventeen, going up against nineteen year olds that looked like thirty year old men. I was like, “wow!” You're still growing at that time. You're still going through puberty. You still grow as a male until you're about twenty-four years old, twenty-five. They start using them young, and that's, again, maybe just not being brought up well, parents' fault? Or maybe just society pushing the whole point of being “the very best you can be,” no matter what the cost.

Are steroids easy for young athletes to get?

Are steroids easy to get? I don't know because I've never tried to get them, but it seems like it is. At the gym there's always somebody saying "Hey do you want some", so in that sense it is, but it really comes down to your individual person you know wand what you are. There's great athletes out there that don't do it you know, and what sucks is that there are athletes that are doing it. That you don't even find out about the other guys, those other guys aren't stepping forwards going "Listen I did this and I don't do that stuff" It's like Mark McGuire did vitamins. I don't know much about Mark McGuire but compared to like what I hear about Barry Bonds who admitted he put on GH in lotion on his body, you know that sucks. That sucks that he gets a record for doing something when he did have help

What should I do if I find that my child is taking steroids?

The first thing to do is sit down with him, talk to him, try to explain, you know, the negative part of it, and explain the positive part of it. You know, if later on in life, you make that decision as a man, then that's understandable, but you're a kid still and that's something I was lucky enough, when I was a kid, that I saw people very close to me do it and the downfall of them. So I made that decision as a kid not to do it and I know kids think they know everything, you know, you're fourteen years old, you want to make the varsity football team, if you do some steroids then you can do it and you're popular and you get the girls and it's not worth it in the long run. Just keep working. Show everybody you can do it without it.