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Can men and women really be just friends?

Your Guy's Friends

David Wygant (Dating Coach) gives expert video advice on: Can men and women really be just friends?; Should I worry about my guy's female friends?; Should I worry if my guy is still friends with his ex? and more...

Can men and women really be just friends?

There are some guys out there that just can't be friends with women. They cannot be friends with women. And if they can't be friends with you and you want to be friends with them then it's not worth being friends with them. There's no really amazing powerful answer to this question. Some guys are mature enough to handle the friendship between men and women, some guys can't, it's just the luck of the dice. If you want to be friends with a guy and he can't handle it I suggest you move forward, there's plenty men out there that can.

Should I worry if my guy is still friends with his ex?

You should never worry if a guy is still friends with his ex because it means that when you become the ex he might still be friends with you. It's a good sign that a guy is friends with his ex, it means that they put that whole relationship to bed and it means that they are able to really communicate as people and that he still respects her. So it's find if people are still friends with their ex, it really is, you have nothing to be jealous about unless he talks about the things he misses with his ex, then you have something to worry about.

Why is my guy jealous of my male friends?

If you're dating a guy that is not secure about himself he is not going to be secure about you and your male friends. So, what you need to do is either (a) find a new guy that is secure or (b) you need to make him feel better about it. Say, oh my God this guy is my friend. I would never sleep with him, he is so nasty. Describe some nasty habit your male friend does, because we know how turned off you are about our nasty habits. So, if you describe a nasty habit that he does, immediately he is going to think, oh, she will never sleep with him -- that guy is a toe picker. He is going to picture you never wanting to be with a toenail picker.

Why won't my guy introduce me to his friends?

He may not be ready to introduce you to his friends. It depends on what part of the relationship you're at. If this is the beginning of the relationship, you shouldn't be introduced to his friends. You need to have some common ground, you need to have foundation in the relationship. If it's three or four months down the road and he hasn't introduced you to his friends, it means that he hasn't looked at you for anything but a booty call. So if he's not introducing you to his friends down the road, it means that all you are is a sex buddy for him and that's it.

Do guys consider their girlfriend their best friend?

I have got a lot of best friends. I have got a Los Angeles best friend, a New York best friend. I have got a dog best friend. My ex-girlfriend is one of my best friends. I have got a lot of best friends. We all need people for a lot of different things. You cant be somebody's everybody. So if a guy, who is mature enough, looks at you and says, "You are my absolutely best friend in whole wide world", embrace him. But hope he has other best friends because you cant be something for everybody

What do guys really do when they're out with their friends?

Usually when we go out with other guys, we watch a ball game, we hang out, some of us have some beers, we check out women, we poke each other in the ribs, we say, "She's hot, she's hot", we talk about work, we brag about the things we're doing in our business life. We brag about the person we are dating right now, you've got nothing to worry about when he's out with his friends. Take a look at a bar, go out to a bar tonight, take a look at guys with a group of their friends and than tell me after you look at them if you're really worried about that. Their not doing anything bad, we're happy that we have you and usually just like a trained little puppy dog we'll text you at twelve o'clock at night saying, "Can I come over right now?".