Lake Tahoe A Perfect Wedding, In a Perfect place, On a Perfect Day!

A Wedding where everything is perfect is one that inspires conversations creating your most wonderful memory. To make your wedding memories stand apart, you need to turn your big day into a total Tahoe South experience.

Every wedding here at High Mountain Weddings is absolutely unforgettable. A Tahoe wedding cannot help but inspire. A long sought-after vacation destination, South Lake Tahoe weddings keep everyone’s interests piqued and their vacations active throughout the year.

There are many ways to declare your love for one another. You could sing a song, buy expensive gifts, book an exotic honeymoon or you could plan a destination wedding to Lake Tahoe. So whether you’re in the initial stages of planning your wedding or you are almost done, Our Wedding and Special Event experts are ready and eager to make your special day perfect. Your photographs by High Mountain Weddings really are worth a thousand words. Even years after you’re married, these beautiful pictures will remind you of the surreal wedding you had. To ensure that your wedding is dreamlike, you need to choose a place that is equally fantastic.

Natural Wonders of the World

Lake Tahoe is a place of sublime beauty that inspires awesomeness in even the most experienced of travelers. It is a year-round destination for nature lovers and outdoor adventure enthusiasts. South Lake is the most popular city around beautiful Lake Tahoe, California, United states, in the Sierra Nevada. South Lake tahoe also offers A list dining and entertainment. South Lake Tahoe has a snowy highland climate with winters that are chilly, especially at night, and summers that feature warm to hot days and cool nights with very low humidity. Whatever your vision is, South Lake Tahoe as a wedding venue gives you a spectacular setting with first class lodging and entertainment. High Mountain Weddings will help sort out endless possibilities to make the day specially yours.

Whether you’re about to have a sun-soaked summer wedding or a shimmering winter wedding, an autumnal ceremony or a green spring event, get ready to be awed by the beauty of Lake Tahoe’s natural backdrop—clear blue waters, majestic mountain peaks, and towering pines. South Lake Tahoe is the only destination in the country with the spectacular beauty of a national park. It also has all the desirable amenities of a world-class resort. Many world class hotels are in the heart of Tahoe South, You will be surrounded by breath-taking natural beauty from sun up to sun down on your wedding day.

Planning a Tahoe Wedding – Designing from Afar

Tahoe Weddings are extraordinarily beautiful and provide a romantic allure. They are undoubtedly, one of our most sought-after venues. Emerald Bay Weddings is a place that is quite unique among brides and grooms looking to marry in Lake Tahoe. The bluff overlooking Emerald Bay offers a stunning aerial view of the multi colored bay and Fannett Island. The wedding can take place in a secluded area that towers 300 feet over the lake, an inspiring experience for those exchanging their vows at such a location.

The South Lake and Emerald Bay Tahoe Weddings are one of the perfect spots for a wedding ceremony, don’t you think? It is a National Natural Landmark. The beautiful scenic beauty of the bay and Lake Tahoe make this a great spot for your Lake Tahoe wedding, photographs and memories.


Wedding planning can indeed be an intimidating chore if a destination wedding is a goal. Anxiety is a common emotion during the preparatory phase of any wedding. The natural beauty, geology and history of Tahoe Weddings with the help of High Mountain Weddings can provide that much-needed solace. Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful places in the world and exhibits a truly fascinating history.