How To Make Celery Juice

We show you how to make celery juice, packed full of the good stuff!


You will need, obviously, celery. You will need a juicer, a jug, a chopping board, a knife, some water or vegetable wash, and a good preparation area, obviously also a cup or bottle to put the juice in.

Take your celery, snap the pieces off that you need. Celery’s a great vegetable juice, it has a high water content, so you’ve got a lot of juice out of it, although personally, I think it’s actually more beneficial just to eat it as it is, so you actually waste more calories eating celery than you do from the celery itself. So we’re just going to wash the sediments off in the water, just to get just the dirt off that you find at the bottom there.

Now if there’s any leaves on the celery you can use them as well because they are full of vitamins. So, we’ve got our celery there. Now, we have a juicer.
This is an industrial juicer; you can obviously buy much smaller ones than this. Celery is actually quite a soft vegetable so you shouldn’t have any problem putting the thing in whole. Make sure you set the machine up to the manual standards.

Make sure you have a jug in place so the spout looks, as soon as you put the celery in and start juicing it, it will come out immediately and that you have a container to catch the pith that comes out the back.

So all you do is you put your celery in the top, you plunge down – you might feel a little bit of resistance, just keep pushing, if the machine stops in any way or if you find it jams, just turn off the machine, open it up, take out the celery and try it again. So we’re going to start it now.

A little bit long, so I’m just going to cut them, smaller chunks to make it a little bit easier. There you go, now I’ve juiced all those, leave that for a little while, it’ll just take a little while for all the drips to come out. Now you can put that in a glass, drink it as you wish, but probably it would be quite difficult to drink this drink on its own, so you may wish to add it to carrot juice or ginger or any other vegetable or drink you want.

I’m just going to put another cup under there, just to catch those drips. Pour your fresh celery juice into your cup there. That was about five sticks of celery, that makes about 150 milliliters of juice.

It’s quite a powerful flavor on its own, so you may wish to add it to other fruit juices, carrots or ginger or apple, anything like that. Base it to your taste. And that’s how you make celery juice.