How To Make A Chocolate Rose

Here’s how to make a chocolate rose.


Belgian chocolate paste, also known as chocolate plastique or modelling chocolate


You can make chocolate roses using Belgian chocolate paste, also known as chocolate plastic or modelling chocolate. It’s available as a chocolate version and also white chocolate, and the technique is the same whichever paste you choose.

Break a piece of the paste off first and warm and soften it in your hands. Once it feels soft and pliable, you can then roll the paste into a ball with your hands until you get a nice smooth ball. Then with your fingers, roll it into a cone.

To make the petals, break a small piece of the paste off, and again, knead it until it’s nice and soft and roll it into a ball. This paste can become quite sticky. If you use icing sugar or corn flour to stop it sticking, this will discolour the paste.

So to prevent sticking and discolouring when shaping the petals, cut the ball of paste between two sandwich bags. Press down very firmly (the base can be thicker), and then with your thumb, stretch the paste out to form a petal shape. You want the edge around here to be nice and thin. Stroke with your thumb from the base going out and that will create the petal. Wrap the petal tightly around the cone.

Wrap one side first – you don’t want to see any of this cone at all. Then you wrap the petal around, near the side, and using your finger and thumb, curl the edge of the petal back. Then make the another three petals.

The petals don’t have to be the same size because we’re trimming the extra off the bottom once it’s finished. You want to wrap these three petals around the first layer and tuck each one into the one before. Then tuck that one inside there and then on the outside with that one and then you pinch to hold them in place.

Curl the edges of the petals back between your finger and thumb. If you wanted to make a rosebud, you would stop at that point. To make a full rose, you need another five petals.

I’ve got five petals for the next layer, shaped in the same way as before, and you want to position these around the edge and each one needs to be tucked in to the one that was before it. And on the final petal, it tucks inside there and then on the outside of that one and you want to pinch quite firmly around the base of the rose. This helps shape it but it also fixes petals so they don’t fall off and again just between your finger and thumb, you want to curl the petals back.

So once you’re finished shaping the rose, you want to cut the excess paste off the bottom and that’s how to make a chocolate rose.