How To Make A Creamy Mushroom Sauce

Here’s how to make a creamy mushroom sauce, perfect with a steak or some pork.

15g butter
1 tbsp vegetable oil
250g mushrooms
175ml white wine
1 tsp mustard (we used Dijon)
200ml double cream

Add 15g of butter into a hot pan, followed by 1 tbsp vegetable oil to stop the butter burning.

Add the mushrooms. We’re using chestnut mushrooms but you can use any other type of mushroom.

Cook the mushrooms down, on a low heat – don’t let the mushrooms brown or avoid burning them.

Once the mushrooms are nice and soft add the white wine and let it reduce by half.

Gradually add the mustard and stir in. We’re using Dijon but you can use whatever mustard you prefer.

Add the double cream and let everything sit on a low heat for a minute or two, so the flavours get incorporated into the cream. You don’t want to just get a creamy flavor; you also want to taste the mushrooms. Don’t over reduce it.

Test for seasoning.

The colour of the sauce should now be slightly golden. Once the sauce has reduced and it’s nice and thick, rich and creamy, it’s ready to be served.

And that’s our creamy mushroom sauce recipe!